Carbon tax compensation confusion

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It seems that a few people are still confused about the compensation payments they receive as a result of the introduction of the carbon tax.

Q. Lynn

Do we get a second carbon tax compensation advance payment in July 2013?

A. The short answer is no. The Clean Energy Advance, which was received in May/June 2012, was a one–off payment to cover the rise in costs associated with the carbon tax, over the period of 1 July 2012 to 19 March 2013. As of 20 March 2013, the Clean Energy Supplement has been paid along with regular fortnightly pension payments. You can view the current rates here.

You can also read more about the compensation under the carbon tax at The carbon tax: What’s in it for pensioners.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    The way Krudd is throwing borrowed money about, we might get a double payment.

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    Don’t worry, Tony will scrap the carbon tax and then our power bills will go down.

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    At least Rudd is giving us some money…I know I’m not in the position to say no…and Tony Abbott is still living in the dark ages….he may scrap the carbon tax but that doesn’t mean prices will go back down to where they were and he cannot force that. He will also scrap other payments and believe me…we will be worse off, individually and the country as a whole.
    Abbott can’t even explain what he is going to do…most probably because he knows but he knows we will not like it, so he will wait and spring it on the public so nobody has time to get their heads around it. He is flawed and his policies are flawed. I dread the thought of Australia under an Abbott government!

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      Double ditto Nita……if Abbott is elected he will find a way for those who can least afford it to pay by reducing our payments because collectively there are more poor people than wealthy. Proportionately we pay more because we have less…..

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      Couldn’t agree more to both comments. I”m sick of Tony Abbott and his side-
      kick Joe Hockey saying the same things every time they are asked to please
      explain. Can’t wait for the T.V. debate, Kevin Rudd will make him look like
      an ass.

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      Please Tony, save me from this ill informed lot. One day they will wake up.

  4. 0

    Hola what do you mean rudd will make abbott look like an ass rudd is an ass . If rudd gets
    gets in will commpletly stuff up austrailia ?????.

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      He already has stuffed it up. Squandering all the record income from the mining companies. Pink batts causing fires and deaths, school halls we didn’t need, causing the countries security to be stuffed up with illegal boat people, blow out costs of the NBN, never gets our budget into surplus, the biggest debt our country has ever experienced, 33 Billion blow out in the budget, Buggared up the car industry, PNG fiasco, how much more can we put up with. TRUST him, I don’t think so.

  5. 0

    Nobody needs to make Tony Ass look like he is Gazza
    and as for Joe Hockey he does very well as soon as he opens his mouth fancy that being treasurer of the country.

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    The Mad Monk & The Robber Barons will do what the very rich people that own & operate the Liberal Party tell them to do. Already they have signalled reduced wages and less tax for companies as well as removing the carbon tax. Since only about 10% of the price rises blamed on the carbon tax (in 1 case the cost was less than 0.01% of the price rise) were caused by the carbon tax, prices will not drop!! Industry will continue to get rich on the increased prices but what chance will we get of keeping our compensation??

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    Australia, has far too many non productive beauracrats from both side of government. Paying out for federal government, then a lot of duplication with all these state governments, then all the rates etc from local government. Do your sums Australia, we only have about 22 million people to govern. About the size of some local governments in USA. We have more unproductive dead wood than any country in the world. When will the over taxed people do something about this. Sick of all the waste and lack of efficiency. We have these managers looking after deputy managers who look after the foreman and he looks after the supervisor and they all have mobile phones going all day and get home at night exhausted. One day we will all have to work. That is a dirty word in some sections of the community. No wonder China gets ahead.

  8. 0

    Like most Australians, I am sick of all the empty promises from both main parties.

    Libs and Lab have tried to hide the news there is already a middle-of-the-road Party formed by thousands of people who have had enough of the Lib/Lab fiasco. It is called the Australian Voice Party. Not influenced by big business, union factions or fringe extremes. They are just about representing Australians and getting politics back to the way it should be.

    Australian Voice will become the alternative choice to the main two parties and they are here to stay. For now, the plan is to take Senate seats, so they can influence government policy on your behalf. Check it out on this link



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