Carbon tax explained

The Australian Government has released details of its plan to meet proposed carbon reduction targets by 2020. With such a plan sure to be rubber stamped by Parliament in the coming weeks, what does it mean for you? Which businesses will be hit and by how much? From 1 July 2012, the top 500 companies, rather than the initially quoted top 1000, will be charged $23 for every tonne of carbon they produce. This will run for three years with inflationary rises, (2013/14 - $24.16, 2014/15 - $24.77) before the implementation of a full emissions trading scheme, which will allow the market to set the carbon price. What is an emissions trading scheme and why not just stick with the carbon tax? An emissions trading scheme is where companies buy and sell emission permits to enable them to meet the reduced emissions target of five per cent, below the 2000 level, by 2020. The move to an emissions trading scheme is necessary to allow market forces to manage and set the price for emissions and facilitate trading with other countries. How will this revenue be spent? The revenue will ...

The Australian Government has released details of its plan to meet proposed carbon reduction targets by 2020. With such a plan sure to be rubber stamped by Parliament in the coming weeks, what does it mean for you?

Which businesses will be hit and by how much?
From 1 July 2012, the top 500 companies, rather than the initially quoted top 1000, will be charged $23 for every tonne of carbon they produce. This will run for three years with inflationary rises, (2013/14 - $24.16, 2014/15 - $24.77) before the implementation of a full emissions trading scheme, which will allow the market to set the carbon price.

What is an emissions trading scheme and why not just stick with the carbon tax?
An emissions trading scheme is where companies buy and sell emission permits to enable them to meet the reduced emissions target of five per cent, below the 2000 level, by 2020. The move to an emissions trading scheme is necessary to allow market forces to manage and set the price for emissions and facilitate trading with other countries.

How will this revenue be spent?
The revenue will be used in several ways but most notably to provide compensation to households which will experience a rise in their cost of living. This increase will be due to the cost of the carbon tax being passed on to companies by the 500 businesses being charged. A significant portion will also be used to encourage and assist business to improve their energy efficiency and directly drive the movement in renewable energy. This includes:
$10b to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation
$1.2b to the Clean Technology Program
$250m increase to the Expanding Low Carbon Communities

How much will living costs increase by?
The estimated increase is expected to be 0.7 per cent but what does this mean in everyday costs? The “average” household, of which we are unsure exactly who this consists, will see increases of $9.90 per week, or $515 per year. This increase includes $3.30 for electricity, $1.50 for gas and $0.80 on food bills.

What will be the average compensation?
Average households will be compensated $10.10 per week, or $525 per annum. Therefore, if you qualify as part of an average household, you will see little or no affect to your household budget. You may, in fact, be marginally better off.

How will I get my compensation?
Compensation measures will be delivered by several different means. Tax cuts, worth $8b, will see 60 percent of income earners receiving an annual tax cut of $300 per annum. These will be delivered by lifting the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200 from 1 July 2012 and will remove one million people from the tax system altogether.
Pensioners will see payments increase by 1.7 percent, or $338, for a single pensioner each year.

What is excluded?
Good news for motorists and small business, petrol at the pump will not be hit by the carbon tax, however heavy business will lose tax credits. Farming, forestry and fisheries are also excluded from the carbon tax.

What’s the downside?
Well, that depends on how much money you earn. There is no doubt that the cost of living will increase but four million households are predicted be compensated more than their additional costs. Overall, 90 per cent f households will be compensated for the higher costs attributable to the carbon tax, leaving only 10 per cent, in the highest income group, uncompensated. Those businesses taxed will obviously feel the pinch but they will simply pass on these costs. Retailers, who are already struggling in a tough economic climate, claim they will suffer with people having less money to spend.

Carbon tax – good or bad?
This is for you to decide. Yet keep in mind, regardless of your thoughts on climate change or global warming, Australia is the largest per capita producer of carbon emissions in the developed world – surely not an enviable mantle to hold.

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    11th Jul 2011
    Thankyou Kaye,
    sorry about the abuse and the certainty that people opposing seem to have that most Scientists are right about Global warming. Seeing that the Opposition have not laid out their plans as carefully as the Government even though they have at times been in favor of this Pollution Charge we can only feel that they are treating us as dimwits who will believe anything said over and over without many facts. I wish we were not facing Climate Change as severe as Scientists argue and certainly do not wish to live in an atmosphere like that which China and India's people do. Time to be thinking for our granchildren and theirs and not just for ourselves. Roberto
    11th Jul 2011
    20cents, is that what you call marginally better off?

    Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant, that is the reason it is Not on the Government web site, listing pollutants. this tax and everything else this Green/Gillard Government do is all about Socialism, nothing more.

    Heaven help us all, especially the generations to come.
    11th Jul 2011
    Why is it that anyone who speaks a word against the Carbon Tax is wrong or don't know what they're talking about, according to the Greens and Labor Parties/voters. China is the largest greenhouse emitter in the world, that is a fact, supposedly China is cutting back on coal-fired-fuel-stations, NO they are not, they are pulling down many of them only to build LARGER coal-fired-fuel-stations.In India the tax is ONE DOLLAR per tonne, the Queensland State royalty on coking coal is $20 per tonne. The USA has stated that 'any kind of Carbon Tax' is dead in the USA. We need people to be conservationists, we DON"T need a Carbon Tax 'that is in reality a tax for the Labor Party' to try and regain some of the many billions of dollars that they have wasted. The Greens simply want their One World , ruled by them. How anyone can vote for the Greens who have an agenda of their own, which is not in the best interests of Australia, they want to increase the company tax rate by 33% and reduce the tax concessions to broaden the company tax base. Impose a Rescource Rent Tax on mining profits, tax Family Trusts as companies and have a new income tax bracket of 50%. They want to legalise cannabis for 'medicinal use', Limit Commonwealth power to override territories legislation., give 16 year olds the vote, change our flag. They want to repeal voluntary student union legislation, forcing every student to join the union, giving them money whether they agree with the union or not. Greens want to abolish the private health rebate, how can young families or anyone afford that. They want many other things BUT we did NOT vote them in, Julia Gillard bribed them and let them blackmail her into government. Carbon dioxide is necessary for world survival, we need to plant more trees and conserve water etc. BUT Taxes will NOT do a thing towards changing world pollution, it just gives ordinary hard working Australians higher bills etc. If the Greens and Julia Gillard/Labor want to seriously do something to SAVE Australia then STOP the INTAKE of ISLAM followers who are Practicing Shar'ia Law here and want us to CHANGE OUR LAWS so they can bring in the disgusting laws they live by. The Carbon Tax is not the way to go.
    12th Jul 2011
    I MUST agree with Viv and Marron. CARBON DIOXIDE, which this whole Carbon Tax is about, IS NOT A POLLUTANT!!! When will the people learn that this is all scare tac-tics- by the government?! We breathe in oxygen and breathe out CARBON DIOXIDE for crying out loud!! There is something else NOT mentioned in the above explanation... The money for this tax is also going to the UNITED NATIONS to line their pockets too!! Anyone who agrees that we need this tax are obviously willing sheep who will believe ANYTHING Julia comes up with!! She PROMISED that she would NOT bring in a carbon tax just MONTHS before she announced she would!!! Tony wants an election now because he knows that he would win, hands down in a landslide!! No=one in this country VOTED j.g into the top position. But she wanted it and TOOK it by going the dirty way about it. I may be female, but I DO NOT support "Australia's first female p.m". Bring back Howard, I say, he may have been a pest and had so much wrong, but he was upfront about it! J.G, I refuse to acknowledge her as anything else, doesn't have a damn clue about the "average family." What the hell is an average family? We are all different from each other! we all have more or less struggles than others. My condition dictates that I MUST use MORE power than anyone in Australia, as do others who have to provide power just to do what others take for granted. I have the following using power around the clock that Can't be turned off... Electric Hospital-like bed (same controls as electric hospital beds but bed made of wood), Air Mattress, Electric Hoist for getting out of bed into ELECTRIC wheelchair, Electric Air Cleaner/Sanitizer, Air Humidifier, Air Condition to keep home at 18 degrees at ALL times. My power bill is off the charts because I HAVE to have these things going so my condition doesn't worsen. I live alone on the DSP, can only move my right hand and wrist, that's it, and I MUST pay for my care. I do NOT have family that will or could care for me and I am only 33 years old!! So I am FAR from the average HOUSEHOLD and MOST households in my power usage. Even with the concessions, it is still hard to meet all my bills. I go without food already just to meet my bills! Am I expected to just starve now?! I receive $670 per fortnight BEFORE bills and am left with, on a good fortnight without having to buy household cleaning products for my carers and gloves for my carers which cost me $8.86 per box, $100 for 14 days worth of lunch, dinner, drinks and cat-food. On a shopping fortnight with household products, I am left with just $60 for 14 days worth of lunch, dinner and cat-food. But that's not counting when Electricity, Gas and having to buy continence products for every day use for my Supra-Pubic Catheter and nappies I MUST buy for use EVERY DAY. The CAPS scheme only allows $500 to last 1 year! My nappies cost $58 per pack of 30!, My leg bags cost $6.69 for just 1, My SPC's cost $38 for 5. So add just those BASIC necessities (58x12) = 696 + (6.69x 52) = 347.88 + (38x 3) = 114 Now add 696 + 347.88 + 114 = $1,391.76 and take off the $500 CAPS scheme and I am paying out an additional $891.76 per year! The scariest thing is it does NOT include the other products I MUST buy for sterilization pressure sore care, dressings, Prevention, protectors, overnight bags for going out and the list goes on! That also doesn't include the $150 per month I pay in medication and the $20 per month for webster packs to be made. Once my rent and 3 other bills come out of the full $670 per fortnight, I am left with just $500 per fortnight. That MUST be enough for all my bills and added extras, plus food plus a social outing or bus and train fares, forget about taxis! But, I can't even afford to pay for social outings for the disabled, so here I am, 33 years old and in total social isolation and unable to get out of my home to go out until 2 ELECTRIC doors are put on my front doors. So not only am I forever broke and with no socialising, I can;'t even get out of my house. So tell me, how the heck is this "compensation" supposed to help those who are REALLY struggling not only to make ends meet and put food on the table but those who MUST pay our MORE than 99.9% of ALL AUSSIES? The young people with disabilities always seem to slip everyones mind. Heck, even aged pensioners who should have plenty of super and who, by now, should own their own homes still get more than what the DSP hands out to those who live alone, pay for carers AND MUST pay MORE than almost everyone just to EXIST but not LIVE. This is the first time in 10 years of living like this that I have actually complained about how much I get on the DSP and you will find that most of us don't complain about it, but I realized that if I DON'T start to complain, no one will know just how tough we have it. Home buyers have made that CHOICE to buy a home and go into a debt that large, most Australians CHOOSE what and how they're going to live... The Disabled have NO CHOICE. What is my condition??? Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma, Vertigo, severe fatigue, Weakness, paralysis, Full Incontinence requiring an SPC, Factor V Leiden, Depression, OCD and Borderline Personality Disorder. I DID NOT want this for my life, but it has been a fact of my life for 10 years and I have NO CHOICE. I am sick of budgets totally overlooking the needs of more and more young people with disabilities! Especially those of us with no inside help. The carers receive $850 to $900 for what they do, I believe those on the DSP who live alone is also ENTITLED TO THE AMOUNT THAT CARERS receive!! I did not choose to give up my dream of being a Police Officer. I did not choose to no longer be allowed or able to work for the past 10 years. yet, I would LOVE to see someone be able to feed themselves, go down to the stupid pokie machines or be with friends. So stop your damn complaining, compare how you live and what you spend a fortnight and see if you can survive for a full 14 days, 28 meals on paying all your bills on a fortnightly basis, just $500 per fortnight and let me know what you think

    And now they want MORE money?! More money than I could ever afford!
    13th Jul 2011
    The amount of carbon Australia and most other countries emit is approx 1% to 2% compared to China and USA which is approx 20% The pro scientests do not mention in their calculations natural polluting carbon such as forest fires, volcanic eruptions etc?? A tax on companies or individuals is not the way to change behavioural methods and should be an educational one?? As for the compensation packages, the pensioner deal is laughable as it adds not even $1.00 a day to their pension!! Then there's the Mining tax to consider when due?? Low income workers will get a 3% increase to their Superfund but self retirees and investors in these mining companies, supporting them to extract the ore to make the profits, which pays dividents to the investor to support his retirement, will get nothing, ziltch, except a lower divident and a lower income base!!!??? Is that fair????? All those people who want a share of the profit, stick your hand in your pocket and buy some shares and support the mining company to make the wealth!!!!!! The Labor/Green Accord are basically Socialist/Communists steered by unionism and has never worked in any country and have all failed. Only one left is North Korea and who would want to go there to live???? :-) If one looks at political history, Australia has always prospered with Liberal rule and has had the 2 longest serving PrimeMinisters. Gillard actually is not a genuine elected PrimeMinister and is put there by the Greens and Independents, one of whom was elected by using Liberal Preferences and would not be there otherwise!!! So I say no to a carbon tax!!
    13th Jul 2011
    I an somewhat cynical. I believe the rapid cost increases to our living via the electricity, gas, water and other utilities commenced as soon as the carbon tax was raised, with many cost included under the 40% proposal. Now that a decision has been made officially this gives all of the greedy ones an opportunity to grab some more. My other view is that it is also a revenue grabbing opportunity for governments to gain additional revenue. How often have we been conned with government salespeople. I naively paid extra for green energy in my accounts, will that be factored in. I doubt it. My pension value, and I believe it is likely all who are on pensions,has dropped dramatically in the past 12 months. I live on my own but avoid going out; reduced all basic item to the minimum to make savings. I do work in the community as an advocate and have met sole parents, with disabled children, facing costly medical and support bills in addition to normal living expenses, who have been threatened with having their utilities cut off if they don't pay. Just when educational costs start many parents have their pensions/support payments reduced becasue the youngest child has become 7-8 year old. Governments appear to thing age cures many of these disabilties. some of the disabled will require help, often just the parent (mother or father) right throughout their life. Australia is probably 20-30 years behind the rest of the world, with disabled children treatment and this continues into adulthood. when I have contacted authorities about this I am told, these are the regulations. So what! If they are bad rules and discriminate against the rights of people, then change them. Our governments do not seem to have any problems spending on the wars or provide funding to help those in need in other countries but finds it difficult to look after its own people. I have no objection to helping other in need but believe we should also look after our own and Australia is not doing very well here and I can only believe it will get worse, with the most vulnerable being hit hardest. Spending overseas is a Public Relations exercise to convince the world should be recognised as being one of the big guys. Looking after your own people does not bring such recognition they thingk,
    13th Jul 2011
    Each time I think I have got my head around this, up pops something that quickly changes that view, so thank you Kaye, and team for the explaination you have provided.I find it sad thought that instead of having an informed debate/discussion, some feel that it is an opporunity to vent their spleen about all sorts of unrelated matters, such as immigration to Australia by those who follow the Shar'ia form of Isalam.
    I cannot in all consciousness not respond to marron's comments as I just don't see the link between the introduction of a Carbon Tax and Shar'ia Law. The practioners of Shar'ia Law in Australia are extremely few, estimated to be in the low 100's at the most. The majority of Australian Muslims are appalled and repelled by this form of Islam and do not prastice or support it in any way, shape or form. Muslims have had a presence in this country since the time of settlement, after the initial arrival of the deported convicts, their guards, and others who were essential to the establishment of a penal colony. The Mosque in Alice Springs is over 150 years old. Just as with Christianity, Islam has its divisions, of which Shar'ia is but one, and like it or not, the fundermental Christian groups, who are greater in number than the followers of Shar'ia Law, have excately the same agenda, to impose their interpertation of Christianity upon us all, via the parlimentary system, and pressuring of political parties, and are making considerable gains. Want to go and see a movie on a Sunday marron? Or play sport, or prastice birth control, or make an active choice to end your life due to terminal disease? If so, suggest you keep an eye on and worry about the activities of the Christian fundementalists, for they are the ones who have the ear of government, and the numbers. Maz.
    16th Jul 2011
    12th Jul 2011

    Hi Tiggie,

    I agrre with your comments almost without exception. One exception is to point out that not all pensioners have had an opportunity for superannuation. Working as a community Advocate I have come across people who have invested in a superannuation scheme but have had for reasons, not of their fault, had to cease making payments. This has resulted in their "to-date" contribution, under a small print clause, that says that if the person does not continue to make payments the company may deduct them from the accrued assets. You may argue that they should have read the small print.
    However, I ask how many of you do read the small print. That is why it is small print so that people skim over the material.
    Other reasons might be ill health and living alone, which means that they may lose the opportunity to seek help and advice. Clients, I believe are not adequately advised and counselled when circumstances change.
    I believe the small rpint clauses should be deleted. When the client ceases payments for whatever reasons then the superannuation level should stop at that accrued level, except for interest.
    I have a client who accrued something like 12-20,000 dollars and had to stop making paayment due to ill health and other reasons.
    Now elderly she has been informed she has nothing left of the super as the company has "looked after her" by continuing to deduct payments. Did they? Legally perhaps, but technically, I believe that if payments were continued, so should benefit increases, e.g. interest, bonuses, etc have been credited to the super, less the payments.
    Unfortunately this does not happen and governments have continued to allow this to happen.
    Look at the small print used to deny flood victims of compensation.
    Others are victims of a changing economy, e.g. home buyers or where the global economic down fall has meant many losing jobs or because government have not encourgaged companies to stay in australia and they have left to go overseas and jobs have been lost.

    As a disabled person, a disabled person is often denied the rights availalbe to people without a disability. This applies from the children right through to the elderly.
    There are those in society who consider disabled should not have been born. Why? They did not choose to be disabled.
    Child Protection that doesn't. Our child Protection is failing thousands of children.
    In one case, As an Advocate, I supported one mother to seek an intervention Order against her ex-husband to stop access visits as they always ended with physical and emotional abuse of the children.
    When she complained she was threatened that she could lose her children as the court could consider she was only trying to "get at her husband".
    She was told that she could not prove this had happened and that the children did not understand the implications of what they were saying. Bruises has mostly faded so much that opinion was that they could have fallen.
    This continued for 10-11 years when I became involved and saw the results and heard what the children had to tell. Because of the threats of having the children taken away I advised I could lay the charges because I had senn the trauma and heard the children's story and as a citizen I was responsible to advise of any abuse I came across.
    This is what happened and while the Child Protection authority would not take any action the SOCA division of the police department did; investigations resulted in charges being laid.
    As a result my conclusions are that Australia is badly failing its most vulnerable citizens. Why? Just because they are vulnerable and are unable to fight or seek help?
    I sometimes wonder where we in Australia are heading. While there are many who are compassionate and willing to help, our governments are unwilling to take action. It might cost money and we (government) might not have enough left for our overseas investments.
    While should innocent children suffer e.g. 10-11 years of abuse because someone decides they cannot understand the impplications. I believe most do understand, even those without comunication skills. I look in horror when I see a child who cannot communicate his concerns, being dragged to his father's car kicking and screaming, "No go Dad" no go Dad". This every time there was an access visit. This child knew he would be facing being abused and did not want to go, yet by court law he was forced.
    The police and social workers are frequently frustrated because the courts consider the rights of the parent without due consideration of the impact on the children. Despite lip service to the rights of the child those rights are being ignored. the child, being the most vulnerable and innocent should be the prime concern with the parental rights coming behind. Despite the court views, children are individuals and not property of the marriage.
    16th Jul 2011
    If Aubrey de Grey's predictions are right, the first person who will live to see their 150th birthday has already been born. And the first person to live for 1,000 years could be less than 20 years younger. A biomedical gerontologist and chief scientist of a foundation dedicated to longevity research, de Grey reckons that within his own lifetime doctors could have all the tools they need to "cure" aging -- banishing diseases that come with it and extending life indefinitely"What we can actually predict in terms of how long people will live is absolutely nothing.
    mobile phone jammer
    Nan Norma
    17th Apr 2012
    My mother is an aged pensioner, as I am. Some years ago I went to the Tribunal board to ask that her finances be administered by the Public Trustee to stop her from being abuse by her 'carer' Last year the PT paid out over $ 33,500. $7,000 to themselves, and $23,000 to the carer. $2000 for personal assistant. I have now come to the conclution the PT was a waste of time as my mother is still being abused. Does anyone really care about the elderly.
    18th Apr 2012
    Carbon tax and the like !!?? the way the world is heading at the moment do we even know we will be around in a few years let alone many!?

    The Planet has been changing since time began--once the deserts were lush rain forests--that had been proved.

    1st of all stop cutting down forests and ruining the planet with fracking and other money making acts that are the culprits to this ruination, paying tax will NOT do a darn thing.
    18th Apr 2012
    Carbon Tax
    Even with all the publicity and explanations about carbon tax I still don't understand it. We have had warnings about global warming etc. and the disastrous effects for the world and over the past few years many people have followed guidelines to try to reduce carbon emissions. Surely the big business companies are also trying to reduce carbon emissions as well. This is why I don't understand the carbon tax. If the large companies (and I guess it's a big IF) are doing their part in trying to reduce carbon emissions then what difference is a carbon tax going to make. It seems to me that they will still use whatever they have to but will be paying more tax. The other concern is- what will happen to the money raised from the carbon tax? Some will be used, as we've been told, to compensate families for higher living costs; but what will the rest be used for? Does the government have a plan to reduce carbon emissions and will they be using the money raised for that? These are the things we would like to know but are not told. Another thing that confuses me is- if our government is so concerned about the whole issue of global warming and carbon emissions then why is our country mining coal and why are we selling it to other countries?
    I am not for or against carbon tax, I just don't understand whether it will make a difference and be any sort of a solution to the problem.
    18th Apr 2012
    I do apologise for changing the subject alltogether but I am trying to start a new political party to be called The Grey Party and its main objective will be to have a voice (or various) in Canberra so our needs can be finally heard. This is something that we need badly, polititians are constantly pushing us aside without realising how powerful we could be (voting wise) if we show them the numbers.
    Let's have go, we still have plenty left on us to stand up and be counted.
    To put your name down in first instance please send me a quick email to
    We only 500 to register the party.
    Come on guys, I know we can do it, particularly with the combined knowledge!
    1st May 2012
    enriquito is good to see that you canvass the aged sites to add to your proposed party, go for it!
    2nd May 2012
    Lokk i believe totally, that when you put a tx on anything at all ( especially the carbon tax in this case ) all you are doing is raising the real cost of living, as all businesses will pass on these extra costs incured by them, and inevitably they will efectivly be paying nothing in the end out of their own pockets, this present labor government just cannot see this, and they do not understand real economics at all. They say that we will not be hit with an increase by business above a so called? amount but just you wait and see, these businesses are not stupid, the labor party is the ones who are stupid, just how far really will $10.10. go in the end, they will not in any way increase their support ( in other words ) the $10.10. will in efect be it. Look why put a tax on carbon in the first place, it is not federal labor policy any way you look at , but yes it is totally a greens policy and they are liking their lips by having got Miss J Gillard, to bring in what is efectively their own policy. I was once a robust LABOR supporter but not now. My vote will go to the coalition, just look at the track record of the Gillard government, the only reason they have got anything through the parliament is because they made a promise to two independents that they would go full term, this is because those two independents need to stay in federal parliament until at least August 2013, if we have an early election they stand to loose tens of thousands of dollars each year in their pension.
    2nd May 2012
    Carbon tax.

    Firstly, Roberto, I thought Mr.Abbott had promised to repeal the carbon tax (along with other good legislations).

    If sceptics want to face it or not, the world is dying. We are losing rainforrests and even sea grasses that give us our O2. We can not stop nature (volcanoes etc) but we can stop human polution.

    I'm not going to get into who will and who wont 'suffer/lose-out' because of the carbon tax, but think of this ... use your brain for a moment...

    where are the profits from the mining going?? What environmental laws are altered/ignored for mining to take place?? How much carcinogenic waste material is allowed into our waterways and farming land?? AND 'they' want to introduce CSG stuff!!! I love the wines from the Hunter Valley but they may not be around for long (NO, I do not live in nor have any affilliation with the Hunter).

    I love my country and have no problems with people making a quid, but please, please don't set neighbour against neighbour, or ruin our life-style, THINK before you say 'Yes' to mining and 'No' to the carbon tax. I have always put the welfare of my country before my needs, and I just you to think. Don't agree with me .. (I am a disabled widow pensioner) that's fine, but think beyond your hip pocket. The elite justify their rape of our land with 'I'm creating jobs' ... NO you are creating your wealth and the wealth of other elites.

    THINK. THINK.... don't be a sheep .... THINK!!
    10th May 2012
    It was established in 1896 that if the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is doubled the average world temperature will go up by 2 degrees centigrade. Some excess carbon dioxide goes into the oceans where it combines with water to from carbonic acid, the same stuff we have in fizzy drinks. Water, as we know from hot water bottles, retains heat. It is fact that carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere, the world temperature is increasing, the oceans are getting warmer and more acidic and rising. Consider your kids when you draw your own conclusions!
    15th May 2012
    In reply to Tiggie2000. I wonder if you use all the community outlets available to you? Here in the Blue mountains of NSW we have Aftercare who help those who need emotional help and help with professionals, we have Meals on Wheels, Family Support services,and Community visitors. Have you tried any of them. I hope your condition does improve. I live on a dsp too and find it hard to live on without Centrelink advances that I repay each fortnight. The bills are the killer. I pay one bill and something else comes up!
    Honey, you have my sympathy.
    22nd May 2012
    Misunderstanding of govt policy by 'Your Life Choices - the $23/tonne refers to CO2 not carbon (& CO@ equivalents of other polluting gases)itself & 21times the tonnage of CH4 as CH4 has 21 times the effect on 'green house effect of CO2

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