How will carbon emissions be measured?

One of the many responses we received from Senator Eric Abetz’s blog on Carbon Tax was a question regarding the measurement of carbon emissions.

Q. Kev

Can someone tell me how carbon emissions are measured? When has the Government made these measurements so that they can gauge the change in emissions due to the Carbon Tax, etc.?


This is a valid question and definitely worth asking as Carbon Tax debate continues to flow at dinner parties, in the office, at the pub and of course, in the media.

The Clean Energy Future website includes a detailed description of how the measurements will be taken when the Carbon Tax is introduced to Australia in July 2012. This will apply to the 500 companies that are required to measure their emissions and report them to the Clean Energy Regulator. The methods are those set out in the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Determination 2008. They are:

· Method 1: a default method

· Methods 2 and 3: facility specific methods

· Method 4: direct monitoring.

Again, there is more information on these different methods on the Clean Energy Future website.

Base readings will be taken from the proposed starting date of the Carbon Tax. The regular reports would be compiled to indicate any emission reductions (or increases) caused by the existence of the Carbon Tax.

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