Federal Budget

Towards a fairer tax system

A discussion paper calls for lower, simpler and fairer taxes.

Abbott to ‘pocket your pension’

Labor have commenced a campaign to lobby against changes to the Age Pension.

Millionaire pension payments

Asset-rich retirees have been receiving around $500 million in benefits per year.

Your $56 billion budget bill

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has conceded that the budget may never get back to surplus.

Company tax breaks to continue

Multinational companies are off the hook from paying the correct tax in Australia.

Economy faces gloomy outlook

The Choice Consumer Pulse Report shows consumer confidence is at a three-year low.

Budget measure: Free public transport

Rising electricity costs have made it difficult to live on an Age Pension.

Budget measure: health insurance concessions

The changes to health insurance rebates have resulted in increased premiums

Budget measure: Improved dental health care

Is enough being done for dental health care?

$12 billion budget hole

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a $12 billion revenue hole

Where the savings will come from

The Government will make $33.6 billion worth of savings to fund the return to surplus.

Budget summary

Find out how the cash was splashed and where the cuts were made.

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