Federal Budget

Acknowledging veterans - Budget 2011

70,000 veterans will receive assistance with out-of-pocket medications under the Veterans' Pharmaceutical

Dental health - Budget 2011

Improved access to public dental health will be welcomed by many Australians for whom a visit

Cancer screening funding - Budget 2011

With fewer than 40 per cent of bowel cancers being detected early, the need for a screening program

Medicare levy exemption for low-income earners

Low-income thresholds will be increased to ensure low-income earners remain exempt.

Keeping seniors connected

Following on from the Broadband for Seniors initiative, further funding of $10.4 million will

Comprehensive and sustainable national aged care system – Budget 2011

With the Productivity Commission due to deliver its final report into redesigning Australia's aged

Superannuation – excess contribution reform - Budget 2011

Thanks to the complex tax regulations which are applied to Australia's superannuation system, making

Debbie's Budget Blog

The delivery of the 2011/12 Federal Budget was perhaps one of the least anticipated events on

Mental health - Budget 2011

‘Australians with a mental illness will get the care they need, when they need it, under a

Work bonus - Budget 2011

This is not news, but was delivered as such in the Budget press releases today. Starting 1

Boosting participation - Budget 2011

Reforms include changes to the Low Income Tax Offset (LITO) and the phasing out of the Dependent Spouse

Skills initiatives - Budget 2011

The investment in skills has four prongs. Firstly, the National Workforce Development Fund created

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