Federal Budget

Acknowledging veterans

70,000 veterans will receive assistance with out-of-pocket medications under the Veterans' Pharmaceutical

An Age Commissioner – Budget 2011

We simply don't believe it… buried in the fine print, there it was. The Government will provide

Debbie’s Budget Blog

The delivery of the 2011/12 Federal Budget was perhaps one of the least anticipated events on

Age Pension – Budget 2011

Sadly, the Treasurer and the Prime Minister did NOT read our wish list. There is no increase to

Workforce participation

The two key elements to the package announced - Building Australia's Future Workforce - are

Skills initiatives – Budget 2011

The investment in skills has four prongs. Firstly, the National Workforce Development Fund created

Boosting participation – Budget 2011

Reforms include changes to the Low Income Tax Offset (LITO) and the phasing out of the Dependent Spouse

Work bonus – Budget 2011

This is not news, but was delivered as such in the Budget press releases today. Starting 1

Mental health – Budget 2011

‘Australians with a mental illness will get the care they need, when they need it, under a

Budget wishlist – 2011

Today Debbie and I are headed to Canberra to join other media representatives in the budget lockup.

Liberal budget response

As leader of the opposition party, Tony Abbott has delivered the traditional response to the

Changes to DSP

Hidden deeply within the budget is the government’s proposed changes to how those on

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