Free transport alternative to driving

Older drivers are often wrongly labelled as bad drivers and whilst some are happy to give up their car keys, free public transport may make not driving more appealing.

Victorian lobby group, Fair Go for Pensioners, is submitting a request to the state government to request free public transport for pensioners seven days a week. Currently, Victorian Seniors Card holders receive a free myki card, which entitles them to concessions on trams, buses and trains weekdays and limited free travel on weekends.

With transport costs and car running costs escalating, pensioners on limited incomes often have to choose one or the other, with many opting for the convenience of car ownership. However, if public transport were free, then the lure of the car would be considerably less.

Do you think public transport should be free to pensioners across Australia? What concessions are offered in your state, or local government area?