Government Report Card 2010 - Survey

A recent Government Report Card survey conducted by the YOURLifeChoices website reveals a deep-seated dissatisfaction with the federal government. More than 300 respondents answered 13 questions online about the Rudd Government’s performance. The answers were not good news for a government which is hoping to be re – elected later this year.

Demographic Information of Respondents

Male: 65.42%
Female: 34.58%

Under 45: 1.87%
45-54: 3.12%
55-64: 31.46%
65-70: 33.64%
70+: 29.91%


Q1. Despite the financial crisis, has the Rudd Government managed to keep the economy on track?
Yes: 45.66%
No: 54.34%

Q2. Should the Henry report on taxation be released or is it reasonable to hold it until after the May budget or an election is called?
It should be released before the May budget: 83.33%
It is reasonable to hold off until after the May budget: 12.50%
It is reasonable to hold off until after an election is called: 4.17%

Q3. Do the health reforms go far enough to reduce waiting lists?
Yes: 16.61%
No: 83.39%

Q4. Is the extra money promised by Prime Minister Rudd just a sweetener to get the health reforms through?
Yes: 83.17%
No: 16.83%

Q5. Dental health – has anything been done?
Yes: 9.77%
No: 90.23%

Q6. Do we need an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)?
Yes: 30.72%
No: 69.28%

Q7. Have the recent government grants gone far enough to help households cut greenhouse emissions?
Yes: 26.73%
No: 73.27%

Q8. Has the National Rental Affordability Scheme really helped with rent affordability for most Australians?
Yes: 18.73%
No: 81.27%

Q9. Has the Rudd Government delivered on its promises?
Yes: 19.67%
No: 80.33%

Q10. Is this enough?
Yes: 11.48%
No: 88.52%

Q11. Who will you vote for?
Labor: 21.26 %
Liberal-National Party Coalition: 49.50 %
Greens: 2.66 %
Independent: 4.65 %
Other: 1.66 %
Undecided: 20.27 %

Q12. Who is your preferred Prime Minister?
Kevin Rudd: 34.97%
Tony Abbott: 65.03%

Q13. Who is your preferred treasurer?
Wayne Swan: 36.84%
Joe Hockey: 63.16%