Stand up and be counted

YOURLifeChoices member Henry is working hard to give Australia’s seniors the right to be heard, but he needs your support. We believe that as a collective audience you have plenty to offer and ask you to take the time to consider and respond to Henry’s suggested Declaration of intentions.

Ladies and gentlemen:

The exercise of finalising our Declaration of Intentions has been completed. I received more suggestions than I have ever received before and whilst it was not a 100 per cent response, it was very close.


Please find below the results in its entirety.

Once again, many thanks.


1.- AIM:
The aim of our Party is to vigorously lobby our local members of parliament on housing, energy, consumption, communication, transportation and income.
All of these subjects combined are the core of our needs: we cannot live without them, but in some instances we cannot afford, them! – So very contradictory.

TSP members should be seen as a Party with no other denomination than Senior.
It is perfectly correct to be a Labour, Coalition or any other Party supporter, but we must be seen as supporting our Party first.
We must be seen as free from interferences from other Parties and transparent on our aims.
From time to time, a comment may be made by one of our members that will contradict the thoughts or aims of another Party. This should not be seen as negative towards us, after all we live in a democracy with freedom of speech, something this Party strongly advocates.

We should aim at gaining enough members to register the Party to start with, then the aim should be to gain as many extra members as possible.
Remember: numbers count in Canberra.
We will have one (1) type of membership only. It will be known as SPM (Seniors Party Member).
Members will assist the party with ideas, suggestions plus the implementation of same.

All members will be financial.
They will be asked to contribute, as follows:
Twelve dollars ($12.00) for a year’s membership paid at the beginning of the term; or
Sixty dollars ($60.00) for life membership.
All membership fees will be due at the same time each year. The due date will coincide with the Party’s registration date.
Payments can be made via Direct Deposit into the Party’s Bank a/c, via PayPal or with a personal cheque, payable to The Seniors Party and posted to the Party Agent.

All positions within our Party will be elected by its members.
I will act as Interim Secretary until such time as an election is called and EOIs suggest candidates for this and all other positions.

5A.- Office Bearers:
Following the rules of the AEC we must have each one of the following positions:

Registered Officer
Deputy Registered Officer
Party Agent

The position of Deputy Registered Officer is optional, but it will be adopted by the Party.

Also, and in the interest of the Party three (3) new positions will be created:

Membership Registrar Officer
Party Speech Writer

A proper Job Description will be made available to the successful candidates prior to them accepting their positions.


EOI is exactly that: somebody sends us their name, name of their respective State and email address (or postal address if without access to a computer) to express a desire to get further information on our proposed Party.

We should encourage our own friends, relatives and acquaintances to send their EOIs in the first instance.


All EOI personal information will be treated as totally confidential.

No personal information will be made public under any circumstances.

Once required numbers to form a Party have been reached, an AEC membership application form will have to be submitted to the proper authorities.

You will be asked to fill out said form and post it to the proper Department within the AEC.

A copy of this (duly completed) form will be posted to the Party Secretary, to comply with current legislation.

These documents are confidential, therefore they will not be made public under any circumstances.


Most of all of our current EOIs come from YOURLifeChoices, a very worthwhile and supportive publication.

We will be looking at expanding our source of membership by promoting our Party on other senior websites (apart from Your Life Choices, that will always be with us), senior groups and/or Clubs, Retirement Villages, etc.

All contacts will be made via email in the first instance.

All contacts will be centralised in the office of the Party’s Secretary to avoid duplication or variation of thoughts. Generic correspondence will be written to this effect.


There will be policies to outline our thoughts on current issues.

Said policies will be written by members of our Steering Committee.

Said policies will be adopted at the suggestion of the President and the Secretary.


There are quite specific suggestions as to how a Constitution should be written.

These suggestions are outlined at the AEC website.

Members of the Steering Committee will be made familiar with this information to assist them when writing said Constitution.


There are quite specific steps to take when registering a political Party.

They are outlined at the AEC website.

Members of the Steering Committee will be made familiar with this information to assist them in the preparation of this Registration.

12.- BUDGET:

A proposed budget will be written by the Secretary with the assistance of members of the Steering Committee prior to Registration.

A strategy will be developed to seek avenues of obtaining these monies.



Other subjects:

A.- A website will be opened to promote our Party and for the benefit of us all.

B.- A Bank account will be opened with a Credit Union that has Australia wide branches as soon as Registration has taken place.

C.- Name of our party: “THE SENIORS PARTY”

D.- New email address: [email protected]

Please ensure to address all future correspondence to this new hotmail a/c.

Please note that all other hotmail accounts have been closed.

E.- Facebook and Twitter addresses:

To be advised next week.

F.- Number of EOIs: 77, as at 06/09/2012