Support for older workers

The Mature Age Participation program: practical help for job seekers over 55.

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The creation of the Mature Age Participation – Job Seeker Assistance program will cost $26 million and will aim to provide practical help for job seekers aged 55 and over. This will focus on designated areas or industries so job seekers are ready when a job becomes available. The program will also provide up to $500 per participant to purchase the things they need to get them ready for work, such as home internet connection and hardware or software to help them search for work

Through the National Workforce Development Fund the Government will work with industry to promote up-skilling and re-skilling of mature age workers.

These measures are in addition to the $1000 Job Bonus provided to employers who recruit older job seekers.

Also, the Corporate Champions program will be extended at a cost of $15.6 million. Corporate Champions promote the employment of older workers in their companies.

However, the Mature Aged Worker Tax Offset (MAWTO) will be phased out to fund some of these additional measures. The MAWTO will be maintained for those who are 55 or older on 1 July 2012, as those already receiving the offset have factored this in to household budgets.


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    10th May 2012
    Many people may appreciate that this kind of assistance is available to ensure our skills are up to date, and possibly learning new skills. However, there is a group of us who are highly skilled with a variety of work experiences, that find the extra "trainings" that are available are useless in order to return to work. We appear to be judged by appearances (meaning looks, wrinkles and age group), and it would take a very open minded employer or their representative, to overlook this discrimination.

    In the public sector employees are being phased out of the system from age 55 years, and discrimination here is very noticeable and commenced at least 5 years ago. How then can the very government bodies not practice what they are now trying to encourage????

    Often, in my opinion,extra education is a waste of time and money when we have a lifetime wealth of experience and skills to offer any employer. It will take a rare employer to accept us and what we can offer them as an employee. Just hope that the $1,000 offer by the government may assist some to accept seniors in their work place, and keep them on after they receive the bribe.
    david and jackie
    10th May 2012
    Does the employer get the $1000.00 BONUS , IF THEY EMPLOY pensioners during PART TIME WORK?
    david and jackie
    10th May 2012
    My husband and I have a joint delivery job, which pays no more than the Allowable fortnightly PAYMENT. Does it make any difference if the whole payment is put in ONE NAME, or IS IT BETTER , to spit the payment into two Names ??? ( we have a joint bank account )...
    12th May 2012
    Hi David and Jackie
    If you are entitled to the Work Bonus for pensioners then you are better splitting the payment. log on to Centerlink and go to Report Empolyment income then View Work Bonus balance.
    10th May 2012
    I have a similar problem how much can we each earn before we start losing our pensions. Also my husband gets a part English pension how does this affect what we can earn.
    10th May 2012
    Who will the Job Seeker Assistance program be run through. Will it be Centrelink be running this program? Can you please help with contact details?
    11th May 2012
    For anyone who wants to work whilst on the age pension the following calculator may be of assistance. I could not find anything like it on the Centerlink site. for people in WA there is also a helpful booklet
    which lets you know what other help is available it is Getting By… Getting Ahead you can Google it .
    12th May 2012
    With the phasing out of the MWATO, I appreciate the scheme to assist older people in getting into work, but what about those that are already working and depend on this MWATO? They will be disadvantaged because they already have work and don't require any further help. Will there be anything to compensate them for this loss?

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