Will I get any carbon tax compensation?

Are you a self-funded retiree who has yet to receive compensation under the Household Assistance Package?

YOURLifeChoices member Belinda is a self-funded retiree who has received no compensation under the Household Assistance Package and can’t believe that this is correct.

Q. Belinda
I am a self-funded retiree aged 61 years of age. I have a Low Income Health Care Card and a modest allocated pension. What can I expect to receive as an offset against the carbon tax driven increased costs?

A. The first payments have already been made under the Household Assistance Package. Self-funded retirees who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC) should have received a one-off payment of $250 for singles and $190 for each eligible member of a couple. For more information on the payments made to holders of a CSHC, read the article The Carbon Tax: What’s in it for self-funded retirees.

If you have received no compensation under this scheme, then you may be eligible for the Low Income Supplement. This is an annual payment of $300 made to those qualify, but you must claim the payment each year. Find out more about the Low Income Supplement


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    26th Sep 2014
    I am at a total loss over this so-called carbon tax abolition, for example, we have just received our latest electricity bill from AGL; now, stepping back, I read our meters every week without fail and record everything, but anything we had gained from this abolition of the carbon tax, has now been swallowed up and more, by the 74% increase in the supply charge, which by the way, coincided with the announcement of the removal of the carbon tax, coincidental, I doubt!

    However, how are pensioners and the unemployed supposed to cope when power companies gouge out without recourse from any government body, only to line either their own pockets or that of the governments cophers. All the spiel by Abbot and Campbell Newman about electricity prices will come down because of there being no carbon tax was utter crap!

    As soon as AGL increased supply charge by 74%, I wrote to every MP State and Federal, and, not one reply has been forthcoming; it is horrendous to read that 220K disconnections occur every month to people who cannot pay their power bills, shows how people power no longer exists!

    My wife is very meticulous in budgeting, but she showed me this morning that by 2017, about 1 million householders a month will face disconnection from the grid due to inability to pay their electricity, and those who die from heat stress and cold, will run to about 5K each summer and winter season, and from the response shown, nobody seems to care anymore.

    If you're a senior, we need to have a better voice, then have a look at the Seniors Party, Grey Power has failed, so we need to get behind the Seniors Party to endeavour to have a voice once and for all!

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