24th Jun 2016

Medicare rebates: register your bank details to claim

Medicare rebates: register your bank details to claim
Debbie McTaggart

Claiming your Medicare rebates is about to become more streamlined but you’ll have to ensure your bank details are registered before 1 July 2016 to continue being able to claim.

From 1 July 2016, cheques will no longer be sent for rebate claims, which means that you must have your bank details registered to be able to receive any funds.

You will still be able to make a claim at source (your GP or medical practioner’s office), online, using the Medicare Express Plus app, at a Medicare office, by post or by phone, but you will no longer be sent a cheque.

You can register your bank account details by:

  • logging onto your Medicare account, through MyGov or the Express Plus Medicare app

  • calling Medicare, have your Medicare number to hand

  • complete a form and post to Medicare

  • visit a service centre and lodge a form


Once you have lodged your details, any rebate claims made will be paid straight into your bank account.

For more information or to lodge a claim, visit HumanServices.gov.au


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28th Jun 2016
Been doing this for a couple of years now .........cheque been a thing of our past now
28th Jun 2016
This is not something that has just happened it is has been like this for the past few years,we have had to register with them from about 2012 so don't understand where you get your late information from,tell us something new cheers Lynette Mitchell
28th Jun 2016
You are correct Biddy that this has been around for quite some time, but it is offically finishing up on the 30th June. After this, you will not longer receive a cheque any more. Makes it harder for some people.
28th Jun 2016
As I understand it, if the account is paid, you make a claim and a cheque is sent to you which will now be changed to go into your bank account. However what system will be used if the account is unpaid. The system now is that Medicare send a cheque to you which you then send to the named recipient...(why on earth couldn't they send it direct amazes me). Will this system be changed to a cheque going straight to the recipient??
28th Jun 2016
If the account is unpaid Guido is normally sent to your residence to collect payment in cash (no receipt). If payment is not made at this time you will be living with the fishes.
28th Jun 2016
Just kidding.
fish head
28th Jun 2016
Anything to get your details onto the net. I am tired of being forced to put personal details onto a system that is NOT100% secure Too many clever-dicks out there to take advantage. When it goes wrong who picks up the pieces?
29th Jun 2016
Your details ARE NOT on the net. They are in the Medibank computer system to pay your rebates. Nothing more.

Don't do it over the net. GO TO THE MEDICARE OFFICE AND DO IT.

I did mine at the doctor's clinic when they first went on to the new system years ago. I love it. Most times I get my money in my account either the same day or the next day.

Beats lining up at some Medicare office 10 suburbs away, waiting 2 hours to be served, then waiting for a cheque to be delivered by Aust Post 2 months later, traipsing to the bank, and waiting in line another 2 hours while some old biddy bores the teller shxxless with her life story 'cos she's got no-one else to talk to.

My dentist, physio and optometrist do the same thing. Claim the rebate on the spot and I just pay the difference.

We live in a new world. Get with the program and make your life easier, and less stressful.

Finally get yourself educated and stop reading so much garbage about the ills of the internet. I and all of my elderly friends have no problems at all, but then we aren't stupid, and we take the recommended precautions. AND we don't read tripe on Facebook etc, trying to scare us.
28th Jun 2016
hey nighthawk this has been happening for years if the account is not paid they do a direct deposit to pay the bill this is nothing new i don't know why this site is bringing this up then the government gets everyone's details its the same as big brother watching you and your details.
28th Jun 2016
We have been registered online for some time and some accounts are paid that way but for one specialist we have still received a cheque even as recent as 2 weeks ago.
28th Jun 2016
Another way to find out how much You've got in the Bank !! :-) :-)
29th Jun 2016
How does putting money in your account allow Medibank to know how much money you've got? If you thought about it seriously for just a minute you would realise just how stupid you sound.

You're just letting your imagination run away with you, as always.

I have had my rebates paid to my bank account for many years now, and never once has "the government" asked me about my bank balance. The only time "they" know about my bank balance is when I go to Centrelink every few months or so and update all my balances so I can get more pension, as my savings decrease.
5th Jan 2018
So they do know DONT THEY !! :-) :-)
29th Jun 2016
Just a tad more to my earlier post. Said bill in question which I refer to is an account incurred whilst a hospital inpatient. Tests were done etc. etc. and the bill turned up weeks later from the said specialist. I just sent it to Medicare which is what it said to do. Many, many weeks later a cheque arrived for the specialist which I then had to post as they were some 50 suburbs away....If the powers that be are reading this and I am sure they are because thats how they check up on us....get your act together guys and provide us with a working system for unpaid accounts as well as paid ones.
29th Jun 2016
You pay the Specialist, the staff do the refund thing on the spot for you and it's in your bank the same or next day, as the Meerkat says 'SIMPLE'. Don't know what folks go on about privacy, the Govt know about you already.
29th Jun 2016
I wanted to tell that Sour Geyser above they know what Size Shoes you wear but I wont !! :-)
29th Jun 2016
Just get yourself a myGov account that covers Centrelink, Medicare and you can keep track of things, it all free to sign up. Centrelink can help you set one up if you can't work it out online

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