Medicare to close on Saturdays

Medicare offices are set to close on Saturdays.

Medicare to close on Saturdays

The Federal Government has confirmed that Medicare offices will close on Saturdays around the country. There has been a 60 per cent reduction in walk-ins to Medicare shopfronts on Saturdays, according to Human Services Minister Marise Payne, who says more people are making claims online or electronically.

But what about those people who do not have access to the internet? Or those who depend on others to take them out to do these sorts of errands, who often have to wait until weekends for their helpers to be available? It seems that yet again the elderly and disabled are being overlooked.

Will this decision to close Medicare offices on Saturdays adversely affect you?


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    25th Mar 2014
    I think there are certain businesses that need to be open on an extended basis. I applaud any move to reduce opening hours to a monday to friday for the majority of businesses. We need to get back to a better work life balance.
    25th Mar 2014
    It will not worry me personally but I doubt if we will see any saving in their accounts, after all Joe does not count very well.
    26th Mar 2014
    yes i don't know where Joe learned to count but obviously he can't, there are other places he can make savings obviously can't find them errr duhhhh not impressed with him really Change him how come he has that portfolio still. I can't count but i think i could do a better job than him :)
    25th Mar 2014
    Saturday closing will not adversely affect me. I try not to go to the Medicare office at all, as I do not have a car and public transport does not go to or past the Medicare / Centrelink office here in Canberra, which is a d****d nuisance. Buses go some distance away and then it is a walk. Or else walk from the city. Instead I try to do everything online or over the phone. Even if the office were open on Saturday, I could bot get to it, and buses that run anywhere in the vicinity are on a Saturday (less frequent) timetable anyway.
    26th Mar 2014
    Thats very unfair and not helpful for you rtrish i feel for you. But know what its like, i don't have a car either. i do have public transport, but its disgusting to ride in i Get sick after every ride. So whats the use of going?? so its back to walking.
    And the blisters i incur everytime i do that is unbelievable. Then unable to walk for a few days until they heal. The elderly are NOT thought of WE are STILL just another number. pppppppffffffffffffftttt I can't wait till they get older! but then the pollies get a car to ride it with souvier so i hear>> i think they should get nought!
    25th Mar 2014
    I think that the Government has again forgotten about the Service it has to the people of Australia. This is just another way of getting rid of Medicare all together.. Wake up Mr Abbott and service the people of Australia keep the offices open...Bill Kerr
    26th Mar 2014
    I'll second that qbeebill/ and they forget that computers break down, and not everybodies computer works with the speed of light again. ppppppppffffffffft
    26th Mar 2014
    Next it will be only open a few days a week; talk about taking us back to the 1960s
    27th Mar 2014
    There are some people that actually work Monday to
    Friday and this is going to make it very difficult for them

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