Friday Flash Poll: Who was your favourite prime minister?

Bob Hawke was one of Australia's favourite sons, but was he one of our best PMs?

The issues that will decide the next federal election

Which election issues will sway your vote in the federal election?

Older Aussies reveal the election 2019 issues that matter most

Older Australians reveal the election 2019 issues that matter most to them.

New political party for retirees

Self-managed super fund expert looks to protect self-funded retirees.

Opinion: What you won’t be told in the royal commission's final report

What you won't read in the final report of the banking royal commission on Monday is legendary.

Friday Flash Poll: Are unsolicited messages an invasion of privacy?

Many Australians are calling for Privacy Act exemptions for pollies to be changed.

Survey reveals how much truth matters to voters

How many lies would it take before a voter lost trust in a politician?

One-in-four older Liberal voters will turn on their party

The party is over for Australia's two major political parties, but especially the Libs.

Elderly targeted in Coalition’s $553 million pork barrel play

Government proposes spending up big on aged care services.

Older Australians have put the Liberal Party on notice

Older Australians put the Liberal Party on notice, saying the party is damaged.

Centrelink Q&A: Will land put pension in peril?

Trent lives on acreage and is unclear how that affects an Age Pension.

Friday Flash Poll: Should we have more women in Parliament?

Have your say on the state of equality and trust in Australian politics.

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