Co-payment rethink on the cards

The introduction of a $7 co-payment for GP visits could be revisited, after Tony Abbott and Health Minister Peter Dutton met with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) in Canberra yesterday.

Brian Owler, AMA president, described the meeting as constructive and that the Prime Minister and Health Minister had listened to the AMA’s concerns about what impact the fee will have on vulnerable patients. The budget measure is likely to face defeat in the Senate without some tweaking.

“I think the message that was clear today was a commitment on behalf of the prime minister and the minister to look at alternative models, something that we haven’t heard before, or since the budget was announced, and I think that’s a very positive move,” Owler said at a press conference after the meeting.


Do you think the co-payment needs simple tweaking or should it be scrapped altogether?

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