The carbon tax is here to stay

…for now. The Senate yesterday voted to reject the carbon tax repeal, meaning it will remain as it is for the foreseeable future.

First thing yesterday morning it looked as though the legislation would be repealed, as the Palmer United Party (PUP) and Ricky Muir voted to bring the debate to a close and instead go directly to a vote. But at some point during the morning PUP leader Clive Palmer discovered that PUP amendments, submitted to the Government, had not been passed on to the Senate.

“All our amendment did really was to guarantee, make it mandatory, that the savings from the carbon tax repeal by energy producers, gas producers, electricity producers would be passed on down the line to consumers,” explained Mr Palmer.

Not passing this amendment on to the Senate for scrutiny meant that the amendment could not be voted on. If PUP had voted to repeal the carbon tax yesterday, this amendment would not have been in place to ensure savings are passed on to the consumer.

So instead PUP and Ricky Muir joined the Greens and Labor in voting against the repeal at lunchtime yesterday.

Clive Palmer claims he and his party have been “double-crossed” by the Coalition.

Earlier, Prime Minister Tony Abbott was heralding yesterday as “the day when the carbon tax is finally scrapped”.

No matter what the real story is, it seems Mr Abbott spoke too soon.

What do you think? Is Clive Palmer playing games? Or did the Coalition really double cross him? And do you think he should have voted the carbon tax out, regardless of the amendments?

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