Public eVoting one step further

Malcolm Turnbull has requested a cabinet submission on the use of swipe cards to vote.

Public eVoting one step further

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked for a cabinet submission on the use of swipe cards for MP voting, in an effort to speed up the process in Parliament.

The current system of manually counting votes is laborious and time-consuming. With 1.3 per cent of time spent in the lower house consumed by the voting process, there is a valid argument for introducing an electronic voting system, to allow Parliament extra time to focus on matters of higher importance.

Electronic voting isn’t a new idea. Singapore and the Ukraine currently allow senators to vote electronically. The Parliamentary Procedures Committee has also previously recommended the use of swipe or touch cards for MP voting.

With blockchain eVoting technology already being used around the world, the successful implementation of electronic voting within Parliament could possibly pave the way to public electronic voting for future federal elections.

What do you think? Is it a waste of money or will electronic voting increase accuracy and save tax payers money?

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    20th Oct 2016
    long overdue. could it be done using a medicare card at maybe a post office terminal. just a thought about saving the poor old taxpayer.
    20th Oct 2016
    Very long overdue. Bring it on. That way we can have an election every 6 months.......

    20th Oct 2016
    After the Census disaster, who could possibly trust electronic voting on a national scale?
    Polly Esther
    20th Oct 2016
    Yes, the poor old MP has enough to worry about already, over worked and underpaid, ahem!
    Anything to save them having to take a 'bex' and have a long lay down.
    Oh deary me. :-)
    20th Oct 2016
    Public e-voting Isn't going to happen in our lifetime unfortunately, so put it to bed and forget about it.

    No point wasting time and energy commenting on something most of us will never see.

    20th Oct 2016
    Oh dear! The PM has highlighted how valuable time is wasted waiting on votes yet it only amounts to less than 1 minute each hour. How about all of the time wasted in Question Time with cat calling, spurious points of order and waffling answers which say 3/4 of 5/8 of bugger all. Will the tech savvy PM do anything about that? No, I didn't think so.
    20th Oct 2016
    I smell another pay rise for parliamentarians...this will challenge their over worked brains
    21st Oct 2016
    I do NOT vote, no Christian person should, electronic or otherwise
    21st Oct 2016
    So why are you living here and not in Russia or China, or other places who also do not believe in democracy.

    Religion is not relevant in this matter.

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