MyGov accounts

A MyGov account will be required for those who wish to complete a tax return online.

MyGov accounts

The Government has recently confirmed that a MyGov account will be required for those who wish to complete a tax return online.

You may already have a MyGov account if you access Centrelink, Medicare or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs online. If this is the case, then all you have to do is log in to your account and link it to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). If you have an online account with the ATO, then you can use these details to verify your account, if not, then you will be asked to provide additional information and confirm your identity. To find out what type of information you need to have to hand, visit

If you don’t have a MyGov account, then you will need to register for one. You can do this by visiting Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will be asked to complete your details and link your MyGov account to any agencies you wish, in this case the ATO. Again, you will need to provide additional information. 

With tax time fast approaching, be prepared and create your account now.

Find out more at


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    3rd Jun 2014
    Why do they always ask for a mobile phone number? So I can't get registered because I haven't got one.
    3rd Jun 2014
    That is quite common with other mobs too and is so arrogant and annoying. This is EXACTLY how Nazi Germany started!
    Try putting putting in a spurious one; better still, one belonging to someone you would like to annoy - just joking!
    6th Jun 2014
    Never knew that NAZI GERMANY had mobile interesting
    3rd Jun 2014
    What atypical American think, and who said that the Australian card in the 1980's didn't get passed. Our Tax file number is now linked to our Medicare number and Centrelink number, how deceptive and sneaky? What are we paying these public servants such huge wages for, if you go to centrelink, if your unlucky enough to be put out of work, then there is no one to speak with you and help you through the questions and gage your behaviour or body language to assess if you are telling the truth, or to give all relevant proof to. No you are met at the entrance way after waiting for over an hour in a queue and told you have to go and register on the computer, great if you own one? my brother doesn't. When he recently lost his job after many years of work, When told I don't own one and I'm a truck driver not a computer programmer, I don't know how to use one (being on the road for the last 30 or so years for very long hours, he hasn't ever had the time to learn to use one). He was told "there is one over there, you'll learn".

    The government don't care about anyone except themselves. Most real Aussie people are out there trying to earn a living. The only people who know how to use there stupid system, is the true die hard unemployed who have all day to sit at home and figure it out.

    I agree with the Nazi comparison, The Fiberals are dictating what and who can live and those that can just go to hell. If your an immigrant then come to Australia, funny, they know their way around the computer's and they do quite well. Funny also how they deserve to be treated better than the Aussies that have lost family who fought for this country, or who where unfortunate enough to be born with a major disability, Hey they even deserve to be paid more than our own, what double standards this government has. If they want to save money on the "Handouts" maybe they should only give Immigrants and refugees the same as Aussies are entitled to, that alone would save half of them money needed.

    maybe if their staff did there jobs, instead of wasting time, people would be able to keep some dignity, get back on their feet and get up go and look for work. Two years max on Unemployment, otherwise, maybe the government could create jobs instead of causing businesses to close their doors and go overseas.

    6th Jun 2014
    myGov is good...everything in one place...just means the various sites are LINKED

    6th Jun 2014
    I am not among the rich so I never have to do a tax return...have not done one for years

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