Australians welcome royal commission with scepticism and humour

Australians have long called for a royal commission and now that they have one …

Australians welcome royal commission with scepticism and humour

For years, Australians have been screaming for a royal commission into the banking and finance sector and now they have one they are welcoming it with open arms – and a healthy dose of scepticism and humour.

The royal commission is serious business, and the stories of those who have been blighted by poor banking practices, shonky financial advice and all-round rorting are not to be mocked.

However, Australians are known for dealing with these situations with gusto and a sense of humour, and in what may be part of a collective sigh of relief, these Twitter reactions to this morning’s announcement are priceless.

What was your reaction to the announcement of a banking royal commission? Why not share it and we’ll choose the best for publication?



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    30th Nov 2017
    I want to know where I can buy the invisible strings? Turnbull is clearly a puppet but I cannot see the strings... Oh wait... are you saying glove puppet?
    30th Nov 2017
    What's this guys name again? Was it Turncoat? Trumpbull? Tremble? Turnabout? Turnbull! that's it!

    By the time I remember it properly, he will be gone.

    I look forward to his Liberal replacement, Eric, Tony, Julie: Choose one (or none).
    30th Nov 2017
    Try Turdball.

    30th Nov 2017
    In fact, a small, vocal group has been calling for a Royal Commission and Labor upped the ante in a populous move to try and gain votes. Now the government has control of the Commission and will set the rules.

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