What will be axed from the ABC?

What will funding cuts in this year’s budget mean for the ABC’s programming?

What will be axed from the ABC?

Q James What is the latest news on the Government’s cut backs to the ABC Australian Network Asia/Pacific TV Service?

A The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Australian Network contract was terminated as part of the 2014 Federal Budget. This contract was worth about $220 million over 10 years, and has funded many positions in the Melbourne ABC headquarters, as well as a range of extra reporters in an international bureaux. The termination will come into effect sometime in August. So what does this mean for the ABC?

The ABC will lose about 80 staff as a result of the funding cut. These will be forced redundancies, meaning staff will not get a say in whether they get to keep their jobs, and staff will not be able to elect to take a redundancy. DFAT is insisting only jobs directly associated with the contract be cut, making it difficult for the ABC to have a say in how it approaches the redundancy process.

The forced redundancies will mostly fall across the Asia Pacific News Centre and ABC International. They will also have a significant impact on Radio Australia.

So what will be axed?

  • Radio Australia will lose three programs: the Asia Pacific and Asia Review programs, as well as the Radio Australia Morning Program.
  • Pacific Beat will continue, as will the RA hourly news bulletin, but English language content will be sourced from current ABC Radio and ABC News content.
  • Language services in Tok Pisin, Kmer and Burmese will be reduced. There is still no word on what will happen to the French language service.
  • The main Australia Network TV channel will be closed. The ABC hopes to be able to provide a limited television service to the Pacific region by sourcing content from the ABC, SBS and through co-production.
  • The Asia Pacific News Channel’s (APNC) correspondent positions in Delhi, Jakarta, Beijing, the Pacific and Parliament House will be axed.

Will any of these cuts affect you? Do you think it is important for Australia to be able to broadcast both radio and television programs internationally, or is this a waste of taxpayer dollars? 


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    22nd Jul 2014
    in past years i have spent a lot of time in asia.
    the australian tv network was always the satellite service i wanted for the news.

    and other programs gave people living overseas a good insight into australia rather than some australian politician dropping in.
    Sweatshop Greed
    22nd Jul 2014
    I have lived in Thailand since being forced out of Australia due to no job opportunities. Now the government are taking away one of the few Australian connections we enjoy.

    I will miss my Australian football, but the government doesn't give a continental about its senior citizens living abroad.
    22nd Jul 2014
    THIS Australian government doesn't give a continental about ANY of it's senior citizens. In fact, it doesn't care about any of it citizens unless they are rich businessmen.
    22nd Jul 2014
    Tinkerbell, a spot on post, now sit back and watch the illogical comments come thick and fast.
    13th Aug 2014
    governments don't have feelings, they have policies.
    13th Aug 2014
    Why should I pay extra tax so that somebody who doesn't want to live in Australia has a pension and can watch Australian content?
    Another reason why only tax payers should be entitled to vote.
    Polly Esther
    22nd Jul 2014
    Yes I blame Tony Abbott too. His fault entirely there are so many senior citizens in this country.
    22nd Jul 2014
    Yep !!!
    11th Aug 2014
    I am one of them, hope Labor is not reelected too soon or we might run out of money before I go to a "better Place".
    22nd Jul 2014
    The abc has brought it upon themselves, with only one point of view. Years ago, they had balanced views, with everyone having the same opinion, you really only need One staff, ho!hum!
    23rd Jul 2014
    The sooner the Government starts cutting back on its on staff and taxpayers money the better for all .Scrap State Governments they are outdated ,we need only one Government not 13 .State Governments,Federal police ,State Police what a complete waste of Taxpayers money.Only then will we be able to keep our A.B.C and stop the rot in Australia
    23rd Jul 2014
    Wow!!! You should see all the good things the ABC are now saying about Tony Abbott.
    I never thought I would see the day!!
    AB Kenlow.
    23rd Jul 2014
    They used to say the first casualty in war was the truth,the LNP are creating a new record by spreading this saying to peacetime.Well done Australia. Kenlow.
    12th Aug 2014
    Get this,

    Today, the IPA released a report purporting to uncover "media bias" in the ABC's reporting on coal seam gas, mining and renewable energy, calling for our popular and iconic public broadcaster to be privatised as soon as possible.

    We actually had a good laugh, until we realised – this is no joke.

    As we all know by now, the right-wing think tank just happens to be supported by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart. Can you you think of two people who would benefit more from a privatised ABC and more sympathetic mining rhetoric in the media?
    13th Aug 2014
    It doesn't make a lot of sense for our taxes to be handed to a media organisation which is so constantly critical of our government. Regardless of the government's political agenda.
    The insistent demeaning of Australia by the ABC has a knock on effect to our economy.
    As a reporter of News and Current Affairs, the ABC has become a bigger joke than the Daily Telegraph. At least with the Telegraph you know their bias is a little to the right now but can change. While at the ABC they continue to claim balanced, unbiased reporting. I see nothing but smug hypocrisy in their silly little smirks when Abbott has a bad week, due in part to their handy work. The recent Asylum Seeker issue was a classic example where the ABC seemed to have direct phone contact with the seekers long before they reported to us.
    The government would be acting irresponsibly if it enthusiastically supported an organisation which tirelessly worked to demoralise the very same people it represents.

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