31st Mar 2010
Australian pensions overseas
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My position is I am 64 next birthday and have been living in Thailand for 4 years. I brought 80,000 AUD here and have been living on this money. I have money invested in Aust. and am still paying tax. I have been told to get the aged pension at 65 I would have to stay in Australia for 2 years or I would lose it if I travelled outside Australia. I phoned centrelink and was told that I could return now and get newstart and then get the pension. This seems unbelieveable that I have worked all my life in Australia and am a 5th generation Australian, also have paid taxes all my life. Centrelink also told me that they did not consider this. I consider this to be discrimination against someone who has done the right thing. My mother is still alive and my son and his children are in Adelaide. I travel home at least once a year to visit. I have emailed Centrelink but cannot get a personal response. I would be grateful for any information you can give me or any suggestions you may have.

A.We have passed your details to our Centrelink contact and asked them to respond to you direct. In the meantime, we suggest you contact National Information Centre on Retirement Investments (NICRI), who can advise the best course of action for money you have invested in this country and may also be able to advise on your pension issue.

For more information on NICRI, click here.


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    31st May 2012
    Im australian at age of 60 lived in Australia since 1983 Im considering to move permanently to Poland What should do to get Aust aged pension in age of 65? Do I have live in Australia to claim it?
    19th Feb 2013
    Seems that way John, you must be a resident here for two years after you turn 65 and get your pension...but by the time you are 65...you may have to be 70 to get it...I continually changes.... also if you are on the aged pension here in Australia and you decide to leave the country for more than 6 weeks, you will lose $30 a week from your pension, while ever you are out of the country. Seems a very funny system compared to other countries.
    16th Apr 2013
    Cant find any way to ask questions I see posted on this site. I am Australian citizen but now live in New Zealand and turn 65 next year. I was born in Australia and lived majority of life there. Can I claim Australian pension?
    1st May 2014
    If you want to live Poland then apply for their aged pension.
    We could live a much higher lifestyle if we lived in Kunming on the Australian Aged pension but we believe that we must live here to claim it.
    Our pension is good here in our economy but would be fabulous in Turkey or China
    9th Jun 2015
    I'm going to make this post under a few different headings as I really need some answers. Centrelink has generously offered to provide me their help in applying for my USA retirement Social Security benefits (I am a dual citizen)and have sent me a form to give them permission to obtain all my information and make the application to the USA for me. They have also said return this completed form in 5 weeks?

    Here's the rub. I don't want them to do that as I don't like giving them especially blanket permission to do anything. I may or may not change my residency in the future back to the USA and it will affect my pension here if I do that or they may make life so difficult for us all that I may not want to be involved with them ever again. As such, it would increase my USA pension if I delay starting it until I am 70 years old by $200 USD a month.

    Do I have to comply with this and/or can I make my own decision on when to access the USA benefits system? Is there any precedent to this situation?

    The other important item to add is that I currently spend 6 months out of the country, then return for 3 months then out for 6 again repeatdly.

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