Carer payment and the Age Pension

Bill is wondering how his wife’s Age pension will affect his claim for the Carer Payment.

Carer payment and the Age Pension

Bill’s wife is now eligible for the Age Pension, but, as her carer, he is wondering how the switch will affect his claim for the Carer Payment 

Q. Bill

My wife who is currently on a Disability Support Pension is now eligible for the Age Pension. I am currently her carer and receive the Carer Payment, so how will this affect me when she moves to the Age Pension?

A. Assuming your wife’s condition does not change and you still meet the eligibility criteria for the Carer Payment, you will continue to receive this payment regardless of whether your wife receives the Age Pension or Disability Support Pension. The eligibility basics are:

  • you provide care in the home for someone who has a severe disability, medical condition or who requires aged care
  • you personally provide care for a significant period of time, usually a minimum of six months
  • you fall below the income and asset test thresholds.

You can view the details of income and asset limits by visiting


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    6th Mar 2015
    I would shut my mouth cause it sounds ike you hVE BEEN OVERPaid for however long youve been on the Carer's Pay't.
    6th Mar 2015
    7th Mar 2015
    7th Mar 2015
    There is a CPI adjustment to Centrelink payments every March and September. it is NOT some special payment as claimed by Mr Abbott.
    7th Mar 2015
    If you are not eligible for the "Carers Payment", you may be eligible for the "Carers Allowance". Check with CentreLink.
    9th Mar 2015
    Carers allowance is a joke... My 95 year old father lives independently which means I have to check and supervise all household occurrences . I have to go to Dr with him as he only hears and understands half what is said. And if anything does not work cos he has switched the wrong button I am summonsed immediately. I live 6 kms away. All his siblings have died. Most of his long time friends have died or not able to stay in contact. He suffers depression if He has nothing to do; which is often. He is always telling me he is doing nothing on Wednesday or Monday or any other day. But this does not happen every day!! But because he does not need help to get out of bed or rub his akeing limbs or be fed cos he might choke. Cos he needs psychological support I am not entitled to anything. Some days its 2 or 3 visits and then none for 4 or 5 days. I still have to work I have grandchildren and life of my own. dad takes time. If I take him to the Doctor for an assessment he will get worse and not ring me. Why do I not get support.... because I am not there every day. He is not in physical need. Pyscological need is not accepted. He does not wish to be in a nursing home. The government do not want him in a nursing home. It would give me my life back but I do not want him there either.
    11th Mar 2015
    Hi Virginia, I sympathise and empathise with you completely. I went through a very similar experience with my late husband who had MSA (Multi Systems Atrophy). I also have a friend who is going through what you are experiencing with her 86 yo mother.

    I did not qualify for a Carer's Pension or Payment due to our financial situation. I did get the Carer's Allowance - which did not even cover my husband's incontinence supplies (which were not subsidised at that time).

    I obtained great advice and support from the staff and members of "Carers WA". I particularly found the advice from their psychologist and other carers to be very useful. Sometimes I just needed to know I was not the only one going through this "vale of tears". Sometimes, I just received suggestions (practical and psychological). Feeling trapped, angry, unappreciated, and socially isolated are difficult to deal with - especially when you do not know how long the situation will last. You need to get help for your father and yourself - otherwise, you are likely to "burn out" - in which case, your father will very likely end up in a nursing home and your health will suffer.

    Find out what organisations there are in your state for carers. Tell your GP what you are experiencing. Get in contact with the Social Worker in your area. Find out about and apply for respite for your father. There are no medals for becoming a martyr - and squeaky axles get the grease. Good luck. hang in there.
    28th Mar 2016
    Yes my aged pension went up a whole 74 cents per fortnight. Not sure how I will spend it yet!
    28th Mar 2016
    I also have been refused a carer's allowance for my husband. He is on daily home dialysis for 3-4 hrs/day. But the questionnaire they give you is set up for failure. My husband was only allowed to do home dialysis if I agreed and was willing to help him and be there when he was on dialysis. By doing it at home we are saving the hospital system thousands but apparently because he can walk, talk, feed and dress himself I'm not eligible. They also basically wanted to know how long he was going to live! It's a permanent condition which will never improve unless he gets a transplant for heavens sake!!!! Which is unlikely as he's in his late sixties. I also drive him to regular appts as he's diabetic and his eyesight is faltering. But that is apparently not helping or giving care. Very frustrating. The allowance is only worth approx $163/fortnight.

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