Centrelink concession card blunder

Not only are single parents due to have their Newstart Allowance cut, they have also been erroneously told that they must cut up the concession cards which grant them discounts to utilities, public transport and medical services.

Centrelink is to apologise to the 63,000 income support recipients who received an inaccurate letter in the post, advising them that they were no longer entitled to use their concession cards. The letter was sent to single parents who from 1 January were moved to the lower Newstart payment.

Although the letter was computer generated, Human Services Minister Kim Carr said Centrelink should have taken “a great deal more care” and he has asked the department to contact all affected.

Anyone who has received such a letter and has already destroyed their concession card should contact Centrelink to seek a replacement card.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart