Age Pension for citizens overseas

Mick is approaching pension eligibility age but as he resides overseas, he’s unsure if he needs to return to Australia to make a claim.

Q. Mick

I have lived and worked overseas since March 2007 and have continued to pay tax in Australia on my Australian investment, as a resident who lives overseas. I worked in Australia and paid my tax there from 1967 till 2007, a total of 40 years. Am I entitled to an Age Pension when I turn 65, or do I have to live in Australia to receive the Age Pension? Is it policy or legislation?

A. Unless you are living in a country that has an international social security agreement with Australia, you will need to return to Australia to claim an Age Pension. If granted, you will then need to remain in Australia for two years to ensure your Age Pension is portable.

You can find out more about the legislation at

Written by Debbie McTaggart