Trace a UK Pension

If your move from the UK was a few years ago, then maybe somewhere along the way you’ve lost track of a company or personal pension.

As part of the UK Government’s Pension Service, the Pension Tracing Service (PTS) has access to over 200,000 pension schemes, making it a good place to start looking for lost funds. The PTS will search this database free-of-charge to help find lost company or personal pensions.

The more information you have the better but as a minimum you should know whether you’re trying to trace a company pension (one provided by an employer to which you made contributions) or a personal pension (provided by a bank or investment company).

For a company pension you should advise the PTS:
· all names the employer may have traded under
· the business type
· any known address of the employer
· the dates which you belonged to the pension scheme

For a personal pension you should advise the PTS:
· the name of the pension scheme
· the address where the pension scheme as run from
· the name of the bank, insurance company or building society involved with the pension scheme

You can contact the PTS by completing an online form, which takes about 15 minutes, and get the ball rolling straight away. To start searching for your lost pension, try YOURLifeChoices simple shortcut to the PTS website.

If you prefer, you can contact the PTS by calling +44 191 215 4491.