Concession card comparison

YOURLifeChoices member Julie would like to find out what differences there are between a Pensioner Concession Card and a Commonwealth Senior Health Card.

Q. Julie
I was wondering how the discounts obtained with an Age Pension card compare with those obtained with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC). Is someone able to help me with this? I live in South Australia.

A. The card you receive when granted the Age Pension is a Pensioner Concession Card (PCC). You can find out more about the PCC by visiting

A CSHC is granted to those who have reached Age Pension age but do not qualify for the payment and meet the means test. You can find out more about the CSHC by visiting

Each card offers different concessions, but many of the concessions offered to cardholders vary between states and territories and therefore it’s not possible to list all concessions. However, you can find out more by using the concession finder on the SA Government website.

To find out which concessions are available in other states and territories, read YOURLifeChoices article, Available concessions

Written by Debbie McTaggart