Disability Services Links

  • Accessibility.com.au, An access information supermarket for the use of people with special needs, their families, friends, carers, seniors, families with prams, health and design professionals and international visitors.
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  • The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations is being established as the primary national voice to government that represents the interests of all people with disabilities across Australia. The following organisations are affiliates:

    • Blind Citizens Australia
    • Deafness Forum Limited
    • National Ethnic Disability Alliance
    • Women with Disabilities Australia
    • National Council on Intellectual Disability
    • Physical Disability Council of Australia
    • Head Injury Council of Australia
    • Australian Association of the Deaf

    The website has information on and links to each affiliate.
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  • Disability Online. Established by the Victorian Government’s Department of Human Services, Disability Services Division, the site aims to provide people with a disability, their families and carers with access to online disability related information across governments and the non-government sector.
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  • Enable.net.au. For disability related information, news, chat and more, produced by the Disability Information & Resource Centre.
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  • Independent Living Centres. The Centres display a comprehensive range of products and equipment to assist with day to day living and you can try out products and equipment and select those most suitable before you buy. They offer information and unbiased advice from health professionals. The Centres do not sell or hire out items but can provide supplier details and approximate prices.

  • Technical Aid to the Disabled. Uses the skills and energy of technical volunteers to construct many types of customer designed equipment for people with disabilities. Services may include the design and manufacture of any aid or device for the home, workplace, school or recreational activity that cannot be found commercially. Additional services such as specialised technical advice or computer loan equipment may be available depending on the local organisation.

  • Telstra’s Disability Services. Telstra aims to ensure that its products, services, information and people are accessible to all customers, including people who have a disability. The Disability Equipment Program offers eligible customers many products and services that can make using the standard telephone service easier. There is also a catalogue of their products and services that may provide solutions for the diverse needs of older people and people with a disability.
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    Freecall 1800 068 424 (Voice)
    Freecall 1800 808 981 (TTY)