How long can you stay overseas and claim the Age Pension?

Greg is worried he will lose the pension for spending too much time out of Australia.

Greg is worried he will lose the pension for spending too much time out of Australia.


Q. Greg
I am a 72-year-old Australian on the Age Pension, which I claimed in 2014 even though I was entitled to claim it in 2011. I migrated to Australia from Singapore in 1976 and went to work in Thailand in 1996, returning to Australia in 2014. I have a 19/35 AWLR (Australian Working Life Residence).

I receive rental assistance because I do not own a home in Australia.

Am I at risk of losing my pension if I spend less than 50 per cent of my time in Australia? Since I retired and went on the pension, I have spent between four and six months each year with my family in Singapore and former work mates in Thailand. The balance has been spent in Australia. I returned to Australia last November, so if I spend six months in Australia, I feel I will not be able to go overseas again until May this year. But some Australian ex-navy colleagues are having a large reunion in Singapore in April and I would like to attend but do not want to risk losing my pension.

Can you advise me what the situation is regarding the risk of losing my Australian residency status if I left Australia in April after only five months since my previous trip abroad? I can ill afford to lose any of my pension.

Arethere restrictions on how long I could remain abroad in these circumstances?

A. Assuming that you have spent the first two years since claiming the Age Pension in Australia, which is a requirement for keeping the pension, your pension should now be portable and there should be no restrictions on your travel.

You do, however, need to advise Centrelink if you will be out of Australia for more than six weeks. Once you have been out of Australia for six weeks, the rate of your Age Pension will change to an outside of Australia payment rate; your pension supplement will reduce to the basic rate and your energy supplement will cease.

If you will be absent for more than 26 weeks, then your Age Pension payment will be subject to the working life residence rule. Under this rule, your Age Pension will be paid at a pro rata rate that depends on how many years you have lived in Australia as a resident between the age of 16 and age pension age. As you have stated, you have an AWLR of 19/35, so you can expect a reduction in your payment.

For further information you should confirm your individual circumstances with Centrelink.

If you have a Centrelink question, please send it to and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.


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    28th Jan 2019
    why do pensioners have to put up with this bullshit from the govt and Centrelink regarding these travel restrictions. If you get the pension, which is an entitlement, you can spend when you want to, and where you want to.....make this an election issue, together with a higher pension amount...
    28th Jan 2019
    You would surprised how many pensioners live or spend most of their time overseas,myself i cant afford to pay rent and live so i spend most of my time in thailand,$280 rent a month for a 4 bedroom house fully airconditioned and part furnished,compaired to $400 a week,but the problem now is the exchange rate,
    30th Jan 2019
    The pension is meant to be a safety net, an entitlement only for those who need it.
    If you can afford to pay for airfares or wish to put this government assistance in the pockets of those in foreign countries it should be restricted.
    Taxpayer's money should be used to assist Australians in Australia.
    If you want to travel the world, use money that you have earned yourself.
    Karl Marx
    30th Jan 2019
    Kram, what a load of rubbish. We should NOT be told how, where & when to spend our pension etc. There are a lot of expats living in Australia spending their overseas pensions here.
    And as far as taxpayers money only being spent on Australians in Australia then let's start with the government & cease ALL overseas aid.
    28th Jan 2019
    I would imagine that Singapore would have a reciprocal arrangement with Australia? So will that affect your pension from the other end ?
    28th Jan 2019
    I am not sure you are advising the member correctly regarding him having his pension reduced if he is away for more than 26 weeks. He is already getting a pension based on the number of years he worked in Australia and therefore has qualified for the reduced pension, no matter how long he stays overseas.
    I am returning to Australia in a few weeks and have lived 85% of my time annually overseas. Apart from losing the 'extras' you mention, my pension which is the basic rate has never been reduced. I qualify for the full aged pension, so is that the difference?
    28th Jan 2019
    Pensioners, remember what this government has done to you, pay them back at the next election, they think with age memory fades.
    Karl Marx
    28th Jan 2019
    You still get your OAP entitlement when living overseas. You just don't get the add ons.

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