Pension Bonus decision appeal

Mary’s husband is eligible for the Pension Bonus Scheme but a tardy response from an employer may see his claim denied. Can he appeal?

Q. Mary

Where can my husband get some help with the Pension Bonus Scheme – he fits the criteria and registered in time but they have just written back and rejected his application because he did not provided the requested information. He has sent everything through but had to wait a while for one employer to send the details.

Can you help or tell us where to get help?

He is going to write back to them but your input would be greatly appreciated.

A. How unfortunate that you have hit this brick wall in your retirement planning. Your first step should be to ask Human Services to review its decision. This should be done by an Authorised Review Officer, and the basis should be that you did indeed provide all information. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, you can then take the matter to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal. Hopefully this should see the matter resolved, however, if not, your last port of call is the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

I hope this matter is soon resolved and you can look forward to receiving the Pension Bonus as and when you retire.

Written by Debbie McTaggart