Planned DSP increases

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Following Tuesday’s article on planned Age Pension increases, YOURLifeChoices member Lorna would like to know if those on the Disability Support Pension will also see a rise in payments.

Q. Lorna

I read with interest your article on the planned increases for those on the Age Pension and would like to know if I will get these too. I’m on the Disability Support Pension.

A. Lorna, you will indeed get the same increases as those on the Age Pension, as the payment rates for both pensions are the same. If you would like to find out more, you can read the YOURLifeChoices article, What’s in it for carers and people with a disability

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    Im new to Australia, i recently married an Aussie on disability Pension, i am not entitled to anything in Australia, Im not even recognised until visa paperwork etc becomes available.
    My question is, my now husband was on a single pension, he informed Centrelink that we were living together and about to be married, then his pension was cut to a partner pension, (he lost approx $200 per fortnight) is this correct as I am not recognised or able to access even medical, this partner figure is impossible to exist on.

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    I’ve looked into this, for the simple reason that I am considering bringing someone here from overseas myself, and it is very difficult when the government does this. I think it is done to discourage those who may be seeking to get here under marriages, then divorce and have citizenship. When you have a lady who has a son and he needs education and so forth, and she could upgrade her own qualifications and thus become self-supporting here – but cannot do so for financial reasons, then such things as bringing in a worthy and qualified wife are the realm of the rich man.

    I think this needs to be looked at and perhaps based on some sort of income standard at which a couple/family could be supported, below which there should be no loss of pension or at least some allocation of some support.

    I recall a discussion with my solicitor on this issue – when he was arguing a case over such an issue – and my response was – “When is a wife not a wife?”

    There is no real answer unless the government either accepts that a wife is a citizen and unemployed, or at least allows the retention of the higher rate of a single pension, since there is only one potential income earner.

    As things stand, this situation is intolerable for any genuine seeker of happiness, from either side.

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    I have looked all over the Human Services site / Centrelink and can not for the life of me find anything about payment dates on a public holiday. My DSP falls on the next public holiday being Labor day 07/10/2013. Will i be paid early please and if you have any influence over Centrelink can you get them to post something about the payments over this period please it is very frustrating.

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    I am in NZ on and have been since jan,I went back in June for four weeks for medical and dental,I am and have been paid under the mutual agreement with NZ AND AUSTRALIA,since coming back to NZ after this four week stay,my basic rate $766.48 has dropped to $648 and next payment to $625.09
    WITHOUT A REASONABLE EXPLANATION,my AXLR does or should not have anything to do with it.

    I have sent three emails asking for clarification,three weeks ago,without the common courtesy of a reply,have rang international services,and got the run around,basically them saying NZ should,top up the deficit ,

    Went to winns NZ equivilant to C/L and was told, they don’t top up,and then they tried to get me,to sign up to the NZ invalids pension,at $261 or something like that a week


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      This sounds very strange – it’s not as if the NZ dollar has leapt up in value compared to the $Oz. Keep after Colonel C/Link – there is something wrong here. You should not have unscheduled reductions like that.



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