Transitional Age Pension rates

YOURLifeChoices member Peter is having trouble finding the rate of Age Pension paid to those on transitional arrangements. Thankfully, Debbie has managed to dig them out.

Q. Peter
In a recent newsletter you detailed the new Age Pension rates which applied from 20 September 2012. I know this is the same rate which applies to Disability Support Pensions, but do you know what the new rate is for people on the ‘transitional’ arrangement income test? Centrelink used to provide both figures on its website but I can no longer find the transitional rates.

A. As the Centrelink site is migrating to, some of the information has been moved, is a little trickier to find or is not listed on the Human Services website.

For your information, below are the payment rates for those on the transitional pension rules.

Resident in Australia

Previous Amount

From 20 September 2012






Partnered (ea)




Written by Debbie McTaggart