Which Age Pension will I get?

As a New Zealand citizen, Barry is unsure if he is entitled to an Australian Age Pension.

Which Age Pension will I get?

As a New Zealand citizen who lives and works in Australia, Barry is unsure if he is entitled to an Australian Age Pension. 

Q. Barry
My wife and I have worked in Australia for the last 16 years and I am not sure if I can apply for an Australian Age Pension or if I have to apply for one from New Zealand. We own a small motel and are still working at this time, but would like to plan for when we do decide to stop work.

A.You may be entitled to an Australian Age Pension if you meet the necessary eligibility criteria. This includes residency and an income and assets test. As Australia has an International Social Security Agreement with New Zealand, periods of residency in both countries can be counted towards your eligibility.

You will need to apply for a New Zealand Age Pension as well and how much you receive will be factored into any Australian Age Pension calculations.

To find out more about the Social Security agreement between Australian and New Zealand, visit the Department of Human Services.

You can also download YOURLifeChoices Centrelink PDF, which should answer many of your questions.


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    24th Jan 2014
    You have to be a citizen. If approved NZ will pay the most % of yr working life..Oz will make up the difference. Maybe.Rules have change regarding qualifying. For Citizenship .
    24th Jan 2014

    You are entitled to an Age Pension. You will have arrived in Australia prior to 2001 when the rules were changed,which made NZers ineligible for the Age pension and dole payments. You may apply through Centrelink and they will also send your documentation to WINZ on your behalf.

    Centrelink tells NZ what to pay you but note they do take into account the NZ - AU$ exchange rate. At the moment I receive nil pension from Centrelink due to the strength of the NZ$. You will need to take this fiscal drag into account as I am earning virtually the same amount now as when I went onto pension about 6 years ago. One does not seem to get any cost-of-living increases out of Centrelink.

    Remember the pension is means and asset tested, Centrelink decides which one you will be put on from your application. Economically, I would suggest the both of you attain Australian citizenship then head back to NZ where the Age Pension there is not means or asset tested (and this also applies to Australians)
    31st Jan 2014
    You do not need to be an Australian citizen if you are a NZer living in Australia. We came to Australia from NZ 18 months ago as pensioners and we get the pension here. My husband gets the majority of his NZ pension, which is then topped up in Aus, and I get more Australian pension than NZ as I worked in Australia for 13 years from 1981. It pays to have your NZ pension paid 4 weekly to Australia as if you have it paid into a NZ bank account you will pay NZ tax on it. We also receive rental assistance and the pension supplement.

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