Will you get a pension?

Should I apply for the pension even if I know I’m not eligible?

Dorothy knows she is not eligible for the Age Pension, but should she apply anyway? n

Will you get an Age Pension?

Do you meet the criteria to qualify for an Age Pension?

Retiring from the workforce

Can you get the Age Pension if you stop working before 65?

Will your pension be affected?

UK pension reforms are set to affect those living outside the British Isles.

Age Pension payments in the UK

Approaching retirement age can focus your attention on where you wish to see out the remainder of

Pensions, Payments, Allowances and Tests

Age Pension age for social security purposes is 65 years for men. Women qualify at different ages

Will you get a pension?

The Australian government offers an Age Pension for older citizens who cannot fund their own

Claiming a UK pension

If you have paid National Insurance contributions in the UK then you may be entitled to a

Transferring your UK pension to Australia

Having a pension fund across the world may not be financially beneficial in terms of paying double



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