Q&A from Joe’s press conference

Even after wading through budget papers, it seems there were still a few questions which Treasurer Joe Hockey had to answer. Highlights from the press conference include the following statements from Mr. Hockey:

“Our nation is always prepared to pay it forward.”

 “We are reducing the trajectory of debt by 300 per cent.”

When asked why, if everyone was being asked to contribute, corporate Australia did not appear to be doing much of the heavy lifting, Mr. Hockey’s response was, “At the end of the day it’s corporates that employ people.”

On the benefits of spending a considerable amount on the Royal Commission of Audit when we are cutting spending everywhere else: “If we’ve got a more transparent system, then that will improve governance.”

“Paying your way in health is not something new.”

When asked if he felt that promising pensioners their pensions would be cut if they re-elected the Liberal Party would be damaging to its campaign: “We are not cutting the real value of the pensions at all. We are simply not indexing at the same rate projected … we are saying they will increase with inflation.”

“We’ve still got to do more for retirement savings.”

On why this budget is so focused on reducing debt: “We were not prepared to stand idly by while a fire was starting in the house.”

“This is the first word, this is not the last word on budget repair. You can’t turn around this ship in just 20 minutes.”

Mixed metaphors aside, what do you think? Do you agree with Treasurer Joe Hockey’s sentiments?