Seniors Card – who can get one?

Eligibility for a Seniors Card varies depending in which state or territory you reside. So if you’re 60 years or over, it may be worthwhile checking if you can apply for a Seniors Card.

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Eligibility for a Seniors Card varies depending in which state or territory you reside. So if you’re 60 years or over, it may be worthwhile checking if you can apply for a Seniors Card.

Australian Capital Territory

In the Australian Capital Territory, to be eligible for the Seniors Card you must be at least 60 years of age, a permanent resident of the territory and not involved in paid employment for any longer than 20 hours a week.

To obtain a seniors card in the ACT all you have to do is to make an application at any of the ACT government shop fronts that are scattered throughout the territory including public libraries, the office of the Council on the Ageing, or the Hughes Community Centre. You can not apply online in the ACT as you can in some other states. When applying you will have to provide proof of ACT residency and your age. It then has to be witnessed by a staff member from the organisation where you are making the application.

Northern Territory

Similar criteria have to be met for Northern Territory residents for them to also be issued with a Seniors Card. Once issued the card lasts a lifetime and never has to be renewed but you can request a replacement if it ever gets lost or damaged. For any further information on what benefits are provided and how to apply, you should first contact the Senior Card Office on Freecall 1800 441 489.

New South Wales

Once again, in New South Wales the eligibility requirements are the same as the two territories if you want to apply for a Seniors Card. You can apply online if you wish, using  the NSW Seniors Card website  Seniors Card Application Form, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader software  to view and use the file.

On completion of the form you are required to have the information you are submitting witnessed by a Justice of the Peace before mailing it to 'Locked Bag 7001, Liverpool NSW, 1871.' You are also able to obtain an application form from any Centrelink office in NSW, any branch of the ANZ Bank in NSW, DADHC regional offices, any electoral office of a parliamentary Legislative Assembly member, NSW Government Access Centres, local council offices throughout the state, the NSW Offices of Fair Trading, local government libraries, or any NSW Trustee office. Further information can be obtained from the Seniors Card call centre by phoning 1300 364 758 during office hours on any week day.


You can apply for a Seniors Card in Queensland two months prior to your 60th birthday. Your eligibility will be determined when you apply. An alternative to the Seniors Card in Queensland is the Senior Business Discount Card. All you need do is go to the Queensland Government Community Services website, fill out and submit your completed form online.

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    27th Mar 2016
    Why is Queensland the only State that requires an applicant for the Seniors Card to hold a Commonwealth Concession Card???? This excludes people who if they were in any other State denied access to a Seniors Card. This is discrimination. This is unfair.
    23rd Mar 2017
    I totally agree.........
    I am still a senior after I cross the border.
    23rd Mar 2017
    What rubbish. I find the seniors card absolutely useless. Certainly NOT for energy or council or water rates. Does anybody actually check their facts before publication
    24th Jan 2018
    Senior Card is good for public transport, $2.50 all day in NSW, half
    price in Qld. In Qld you have to become a low income earner with
    a health care card to get one at 60 and then you also get a power
    16th Mar 2018
    wa is wrong information i am 61 and cant get this card now untill im 62 its very unfair the other states are 60 and western australia is not why is this so not happy
    23rd Aug 2018
    Why has The ACT Government raised the eligibility age to 61? At least we’re not as bad off as WA (62). There needs to be some consistency!
    19th Apr 2020
    the government discriminates every which way , age , carers etc but try and do something about it i have and got told they are exempt from discrimination legislation

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