International transport discounts

Saving money shouldn’t stop as you leave the country.

International transport discounts

Saving money shouldn’t stop as you leave the country. Those who enjoy a Seniors card in Australia might also like to purchase and use cards in the USA and Canada and enjoy the benefits and continue being thrifty even when on that once in a lifetime overseas overseas holiday.

Whilst most Australians are aware of the State-based Seniors card benefits, few realise they are able to purchase a card in America and Canada and receive similar benefits, even though they are not residents. Sadly the reverse is not true, and visitors here have to take pot luck hoping individual businesses will offer a seniors discount.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) sells a discount card for international visitors for US $28 per annum. Find out more here

In Canada, the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (CARP) hosts a site called 50Plus, which negotiates discounts and offers them online. Find out more here

And in New Zealand, NZ $20 will purchase a Seniors card enabling you to 8500 discounts. The publication, called Seniors Guide to New Zealand, is produced by seniors' specialists NZ Seniors Card. New Zealand is the most popular overseas destination for Australian holiday-makers and this guide aims to make their experience even more enjoyable. In addition, Australian travellers over 55 are eligible to purchase an NZ Seniors Card via


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    2nd Jun 2017
    Strange, when I travelled through Canada and stayed a few days in New York (to catch Qantas back to Australia) my Australian Seniors Card was accepted by just about all businesses which offered senior discounts. Businesses such as Greyhound Bus, VIA Rail, AMTRACK (from Montreal to NYC),the Rocky Mountaineer, most hotels/motels (including my hotel in New York) and many restaurants. I do not recall any business rejecting a seniors discount because I had a 'foreign' seniors card (but as in Australia, not all businesses offer senior discounts)
    Ageing but not getting old
    6th Jun 2017
    Interesting; I went to NYC for 5 days in 2014. Most touristy-type attractions offered discounts for seniors also. Stayed in a B&B which didn't offer any discounts for myself and a friend who also is a Senior. However we were also able to get a travel card on the NYC Metro services (bus & subway systems throughout the five boroughs) with the word "Senior Citizen' noticeably printed, and a picture. It's arguably the cheapest and fastest way to get around the places you likely to be wanting to see & go.

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