Seniors Card – Where can you use it?

Seniors Card discounts are offered by different businesses and government departments.

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Seniors Card discounts are offered by different businesses and government departments and therefore vary between states and territories. There are also interstate and trans-Tasman discounts available, so it pays to find out exactly where you can use your Seniors Card.

When you receive your Seniors Card, you will also be sent an accompanying business directory, which lists the businesses and organisations that give Seniors Card discounts, and how much they are. If you lose or misplace this directory, you can request another copy but some of the Seniors Card offices also have the information available on their websites. For contact details of each Seniors Card office or to visit the individual websites, click here.

One of the biggest advantages, and possibly offering the largest savings, is the transport concessions available to holders of Seniors Cards. While originally only available to Seniors Card holders in their own state or territory, these concessions are now available nationwide and can save you a pretty penny when travelling interstate.

Great Southern Rail also offer travel concessions of 25 per cent on standard fares to those who register for a Great Southern Rail Seniors Concession Travel Card.

It also pays to take your Seniors Card when you travel overseas. New Zealand now has reciprocal rights for holders of Australian Seniors Cards, allowing them to access many of the discounts offered to New Zealand SuperGold Cards. Even when travelling to other countries which don’t have a formal agreement, it pays to ask if discounts are available as they will often be honoured.


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    4th Mar 2012
    In Queensland there are two different Seniors Cards - the Business card which is for those who have not yet reached 65 and the Seniors Car itself for those who are over 65. Recently I enquired before travelling to NSW if I could use my Business Seniors Card to access public transport concession and discovered I could not. If I had lived in NSW I would have been eligible as a person over 60 who was not working, to receive the concession on fares. This system is not as simple as it could be.
    almost a grey hair
    7th Sep 2016
    To travel cheaper in NSW you need to use your seniors card, had you used this instead of a card that is not recognised you would have rec a discount. Sometimes what is is not what you might think
    4th Mar 2012
    Am off to India later this month & have booked train travel there getting a senior concession. Just need proof of age over 60.
    4th Mar 2012
    Australian Seniors cards are often welcome overseas, especially in areas popular with tourists. I was pleasantly surprised in Hong Kong to find that travel is FREE on Star Ferries when you show your card. Also in Singapore - I'm about to book for the Singapore Flyer & Seniors rates are available.
    4th Mar 2012
    Good to know thank you
    4th Mar 2012
    My partner and I have booked to go to Canada in August. I am a full aged pensioner, she also is listed on my pension card. Does anyone know if Canada has reciprocal senior/pension concessions with Australia?
    5th Mar 2012
    Your travel agent should have that info but if not, contact the Canadian Embassy.
    19th Apr 2012
    Monty I was in Edmonton Canada over 5 years ago and most shops there accepted the National Seniors Card. You will love Canada, enjoy your trip
    4th Mar 2012
    when i travel here or overseas i always take & show both my senior &
    my centrelink concession card...f.e. they gave me a senior ticket to
    the munich zoo & in austria/germany & italy i bought senior weekly
    public transport advice is always try...good luck
    5th Mar 2012
    I used mine in th UK a couple of years ago and got discount in lots of places all you have to do is ask if you get it its a bonus if not well you just pay the full price nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes
    5th Mar 2012
    Does anyone know if Seniors on holiday from the UK can get discount on fares?
    6th Mar 2012
    We used the Victorian seniors card as evidence of age when booking AMTRAK around the US - saved heaps!!
    29th Jan 2013
    I was recently told that Seniors card holders from interstate cannot use their card in Victoria for transport, is this true? and if it is, why?
    25th Jul 2016
    As a Sth Aust. seniors card holder, I was refused rail discount by a ticket seller in Victoria and told only local cards were valid. That was a couple of years ago so things may have changed.
    Old Geezer
    2nd Aug 2016
    I used my NSW seniors card in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth for the seniors rate on their various transport systems. I have also used it in Tasmania for various discounts.
    18th Sep 2016
    OG Must be Good Looking ? :-) :-)
    25th Mar 2013
    Does anyone know if we can use NSW Seniors card for tasmania ferries? The Melbourne to Devonport ones?
    1st Jul 2017
    Any Australian seniors or pensioner concession will get you reduced fares on the Spirit of Tasmania. Just make sure to tick the box when ordering your ticket and supply your card details. We have traveled extensively throughout S.E. Asia and in most instances grey hair will automatically give you a discount. China, Korea and India all appear to treat their elderly with high esteem. If some form of card is required it is usually only to verify your age.
    18th Jan 2015
    Does anyone know if I can use nsw seniors card to travel from Perth to Bunbury?
    Old Geezer
    21st Feb 2017
    I used my Seniors card to travel from Perth to Freemantle.
    13th Apr 2016
    Does anyone know the answer to this? I do relief teaching which is rarely more than 20 hours' paid work for the week. Am I still eligible?

    Also I do a 3-4 week period of work for a national assessment program. During those weeks I work about 42 hours.
    I am 65. Do either of these situations precude me from a Seniors card?
    25th Jul 2016
    If, over a whole year, that didn't average out to more than 20 hours a week, you would be eligible in SA. Check the website in your State.
    10th Jan 2017
    No more than 20 hours a week in They do have a website. Look up Seniors Card and that you will give the correct information
    10th Jan 2017
    No more than 20 hours a week in They do have a website. Look up Seniors Card and that you will give the correct information
    27th Feb 2017
    Our seniors cards were not accepted for train travel in Italy, France or the UK, on a recent trip. We couldn't use them for much at all. In some tourist sites in the UK we received senior discounts, but did not have show our cards. I don't think we tried to use them in restaurants. We also joined English Heritage , at a senior's rate, which gives free access to historic sites in England, and Northern Ireland, and some discount in Scotland. If you are going for long enough to visit a few historic sites .the joining fee is well worth it.
    4th Apr 2017
    In regards to the Seniors Card,many places do not accept it, and many places that do are at more expensive places. Many Seniors or Pensioners do not shop at these places due to being out of their price range.
    1st Jun 2018
    And overseas I used my seniors card in France Italy and Spain.
    30th Sep 2019
    My sister will shortly visit WA from home in NZ. Will she be able to access any of the concessions such as travel on public transport?

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