Myki mayhem

It seems that our subscriber just can’t get enough information on the new myki ticketing system. YOURLifeChoices answers some of your questions.

Any new system has teething problems when implemented but the main issue with the new myki system seems to be the lack of comprehensive information.

If you are already signed up as a Sunday Pass holder, you will automatically receive a myki card in the mail. If not, then you will need to apply, which is free until 17 January when you register online. Click here for a walk through of the process.

Myki Seniors fares

·Seniors’ Daily Cap for travel in Zones 1 and 2 will be $3.30

·Free Sunday travel between Zones 1 and 2 (you will need to have a positive balance in your account of $0.01 or more for your myki to give you this fare)

·Once the system is more established, myki will give you the best fare according to how you have travelled. If a 10 X 2 hour concession works out cheaper after 10 trips, then you will be refunded credit onto your account.

·If you have a full-fare myki card you can swap it to a concession card once you qualify, at no cost. Simply take your card to a manned station or MetShop, fill in a refund form and your new card and a cheque for any credit on you r card will be posted to you.

Default fares

A warning to all myki users, if you do not “Touch off” (scan your card at the end of your journey) you will be charged what is called a default fare. Many critics see this feature as a way to raise extra revenue for services not used by passengers. If you forget to touch off your card on a train station, you will be charged a default two hour Zone 1&2 fare. Touching off is currently a 5-10 second process and with thousands of people piling out of train stations around Victoria for busy sporting events, you can see how this system will be a cash cow for its operators.

Find out more about myki.

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