Victoria’s new myki ticket system

Already trialled in rural Victoria, the new myki ticketing system is soon to be operational throughout the state but what will it mean for seniors travellers?

Myki is a new ticketing system being implemented by the Victorian Government and will there is no longer a need to buy travel tickets. Similar systems operate in cities throughout the world and allow the holder of a myki pass to load a certain amount of credit in their account and use it as they need. The good news is that if you currently claim seniors travel discounts, you will still be able to access these with through the new myki ticketing system.

Users of the new system will be required to buy a myki pass, although if you live in Melbourne, you will be able to get a free pass from the myki website soon. If you don’t take advantage of this offer, a pass will cost $7 at the concession rate. When you register for a seniors’ myki pass, your account will be credited with Sunday passes, allowing you to travel free on a Sunday and you will never pay more per day than the Seniors Daily cap of $3.30 for travel in Melbourne.

Interstate visitors can also use myki. Simply purchase a general concession myki and carry your Seniors Card as proof of concession. This will save you money if you are planning to stay for a week or longer and use the transport system regularly.

Find out more about the myki system and what it will mean for seniors travel in Victoria.

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