Where’s my myki?

Some 400,000 seniors across Victoria have been affected by the switch from the Metcard to the new myki system. In a bid to minimise confusion, the distribution of myki cards to seniors has been postponed.

Senior users of all transport systems in Victoria were hopeful of a smooth switch to the new system, with their travel entitlements being simply carried over. Due to the myki system not being operational over all transport forms, seniors using myki were finding that they were not receiving the best fare.

To ensure seniors receive the best fare, they should continue using the existing Metcard and V/Line ticketing system, including the free Sunday Travel Pass. Recipients of a Victorian Disability Support Pension or Carer Payment who are under 60 but entitled to free Sunday travel should also continue to use the Metcard and V/Line Ticketing system.

For more information, visit www.myki.com.au.

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