Can you take a break from aged care?

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As the coronavirus pandemic has wrought havoc through aged care facilities, many Australians are wanting to remove their loved ones from residential aged care.

The federal government made provision for this situation back in May when it introduced ‘emergency leave’ for people who want to leave an aged care facility but wish to return at a later date.

This emergency leave is available up until 30 September and was backdated to cover all leave from 1 April 2020.

If you choose to take emergency leave, you must continue to pay basic daily fees, means-tested care fees and daily accommodation payments, which is the same situation as taking social leave.

During this time, the government will continue to pay the aged care subsidy to the aged care provider and you won’t pay any further fees to retain your place at the aged care facility.

The emergency leave does not cover any hospital stays. If you or your loved one in aged care is admitted to hospital during the emergency leave period, hospital leave must be taken instead.

When the emergency leave period ends on 30 September, all residents will have a full 52-day social leave balance for the 202021 financial year.

If you exceeded your 52-day social leave days during the pandemic last financial year and paid any fees to retain your place in the aged care facility, the aged care home must reimburse you for any fees paid after 1 April.

Have you taken advantage of the emergency leave aged care provisions to take a break from aged care during the pandemic? Were you aware of these changes?

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    There is a contradiction in terms as follows
    you must continue to pay basic daily fees, means-tested care fees and daily accommodation payments
    you won’t pay any further fees to retain your place at the aged care facility.

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    Hope I am in a box before the aged care number is up for me

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    I took mum out of the nursing home about 2 months ago. They refunded me the full amount paid for the accommodation within a week. I put her into a 1 bedroom apartment in a smart new apartment block across from a shopping centre. I’m going through the My Aged care now, lots on offer and has already been approved for a level 2 package, but that will take over 12 months, but everyone has acted quickly for her. She is 89. The apartment cost $100,000 less than the nursing home. Yes i am worried she is On her own and will probably die on her own if she has a stroke etc, but it is what she wants her freedom cooking her own food.

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      Since you are so caring I assume you are helping your mother with some housework, shopping etc. Take comfort you are doing the right thing for your mother. If I was in your mothers situation I would feel exactly as she does, even if it meant dying alone. It is not the dying that worries me it is the living.

    • 0

      I am with you RARA and Eddy.
      I would like to keep my independence to the end even if it meant dying alone.
      This pandemic has reinforced for me the certainty that I am self sufficient.
      I would just hate being chased about to some timetable, and having to eat food cooked in bulk.
      Having said that, I do recognise the necessity of the above in order to see that everyone is cared for.

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      I have a friend who took her mother out just before lockdown. She could see what was coming and didn’t want her mother locked up in the home without visitors. She has her at home at present and I guess that is where she will remain for the foreseeable future.

      I agree with you Rara, Eddy and Maggie a nursing home would be the last resort.

  4. 0

    Eddy, unfortunately I can’t do mum’s housework I’m almost 70, and had back surgery. But as she doesn’t have to pay her full pension anymore on the nursing home, she can afford someone to come clean the bathroom and vacuum, and was happy to agree to that before I took her out. My daughter takes her shopping. When she gets the package it will be easier. Once much older persons 89 get to that age their children are old too. I do the doctor visits with her. We all have to do our part. My aged care have been quite helpful. So people don’t be too worried you can get your elderly parents out, so long as they are mobile, and don’t have dementia. You don’t have to put them in your own home find a nice little bed sit. They love the independence, especially after being in the nursing home.



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