Budget benefits for veterans

The 2010 Federal Budget sees a package of new initiatives totally $246.4 million delivered to support Australian veterans.

Delivering on key election promises, the Federal Government has committed the following:
·$152.7 million to expand community health-based services. This is aimed at assisting veterans and war widows suffering from chronic illness and requiring complex care needs.
·$55 million will be used to provide better health care and compensation to an additional 2,400 F-111 aircraft fuel tank maintenance workers. Such personnel were previously deemed not eligible for assistance under the scheme
·$24.2 million will be invested to extend pension payments and health care to defence force members who participated in British Nuclear Testing in the 1950s and 60s
·$11.1 million has been ear-marked to fund the reclassification of the service of certain submarine special operations personnel between 1978 and 1992, granting benefits and assistance to some 890 former submariners
·$2.7 million will be invested to reclassify service at RAAF Base Ubon between 31 May 1962 and 27 July 1962 from operational to qualifying service.

Some of these initiatives are recommendations from the Clarke Review delivered in 2003.

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