Qualifying for Age Service Pension

Veterans with qualifying service may be eligible to have an Age Service Pension paid five years earlier than a Centrelink Age Pension. YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Gary, would like to know if he qualifies?

Q. Gary
I am 57 years old and as an ex service man, would like to know when am I entitled to an Age Pension – 60 or 65?

A. Gary, if you meet the qualifying service requirements, you may be entitled to an Age Service Pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). This payment is subject to asset and income test regardless of eligibility.

You are eligible for the service pension if you are a veteran who:
· has qualifying service — generally, that is, has served in operations against the enemy while in danger from hostile forces of the enemy; and
· meets the residency requirements — that is, is a resident of Australia and is present in Australia at the time of lodging the claim for service pension (additionally, Commonwealth Veterans and allied Veterans and Mariners must have been an Australian resident for at least 10 years, although there can be some exemptions);
and you are either:
· of service pension age; or
· permanently incapacitated for work

For more information on eligibility, payment rates and how to claim, click YOURLifeChoices link to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs