Grand Final Fever

This weekend two major football games from two different codes will take place.

This weekend two major football games from two different codes will take place in our biggest Australian cities.

In Sydney, Melbourne Storm, who finished in second position on the ladder, will take on the top team Canterbury Bulldogs in the NRL Grand Final on Sunday. Meanwhile, a day earlier in Melbourne, local team Hawthorn will go head-to-head with the Sydney Swans in the AFL Grand Final. Huge crowds are expected to turn out for both games.

A sporting nation at heart, the last day in September is a huge one for so many Australians. Who do you think will win both Grand Finals?

Opinion - The real winner is Australia

Every day we awake to news of violence and riots involving innocent civilians around the world.

On Saturday, nearly 100,000 people will congregate at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), not to mention many more in front of TV screens in pubs, clubs and homes nation-wide and at the end of the match, regardless of which team wins, they will all file out and peacefully go their separate ways.  When you stop and think about it, this is an amazing achievement that most Australians take for granted.

In February, 74 people died and a further 248 were injured in a riot after a soccer match in Egypt’s Port Said. Some 13,000 fans of home side Al-Masry stormed the ground after a victory over top team Al-Ahly, chasing supporters of the losing team and pelting them with rocks, bottles and fireworks. Army helicopters were forced to evacuate the terrified players with the Al-Ahly goalie promising “It’s over. We’ve all made a decision we won’t play soccer anymore.”

Meanwhile, the UK soccer fans are notorious for their bad behaviour and violent rampages depending upon how their team performs in each match. Given this violence, it’s no surprise that these fans have separate seating arrangements.

This weekend in both Melbourne and Sydney, fans from both teams will mingle in all stands. While there will definitely be a lot of yelling and venting not to mention robust banter, and there may even be a few fights between those who’ve had a few too many, there will be no spectators storming the ground or players evacuated, fearing for their lives.

In my opinion we are still very much living in the “lucky country”. What do you think?


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    25th Sep 2012
    Totally agree with a teeny teeny BUT.... and that BUT became evident the weekend before last in a big way..... To keep our country lucky we need people to follow the rules.. the rules of the country we love so much. Not everyone likes rules... lets hope everyone puts aside their hatred and just enjoys two great sporting events that give so much enjoyment to so many. GO the Swans!! GO Canterbury!! well actually that's a fib.. i dont care who wins the NRL.. my team isn't in it... dammit!
    25th Sep 2012
    Yes few too many appreciate what we have in our country! Let,s all keep it that way. And I hope all enjoy themselves! It is all about getting together for a common cause.
    25th Sep 2012
    Isn't it funny? I read the intro on the e-mail I received about today's discussion and thought to my self; "they aren't talking about soccer" when they say 'peacefully' ". Then I read the article. I'm psychic.
    Two major football games? All the 'football advocates' for soccer will have you believe that the only 'true football' is soccer. Perhaps by saying; "any-part-of-the-body-except-the-fore-arms-and-hands ball" would be more accurate. Soccer is just another code of football.
    Off my soap box. Yes we are still living in the lucky country if you discount the politicians.
    ChrisJ; at least you got one of your teams in; but I'll still be watching.
    normie 39
    25th Sep 2012
    I will be following the Newtown Jets in the lower grade NSW Cup Rugby League Grand Final against the Balmain team.

    Go the Jets

    Midnight Haze
    25th Sep 2012
    Its a shame both codes are on the same weekend. My only hope is that the games are fair and its not the refs who decide on the winner.
    26th Sep 2012
    I am afraid I wont be watching it . My family were staunch supporters of the Souths (old Brisbane Rugby League Club) since my Dad was a teenager in the thirties and Dad a life member and hard worker. My eldest brother and his wife still work hard for them. Our weekends were always spent watching and helping Dad at Souths Clubhouse Davies Park . The NRL destroyed the Brisbane Rugby League twenty something years ago and most of the clubs have gone broke or are about to. Brisbane Souths are also having financial troubles and although they have Rugby League greats and former players like Mal Meninga and Bruce Astill supporting them the future is grim because NRL stopped letting Canberra use them as a feeder club. Only this year have Channel 9 started broadcasting their games (Channel 2 used to do it).
    That is why the only game I watch is the State of Origin as I love the fact Queensland have won 7 in a row! Yeahhh! Go Melbourne!
    28th Sep 2012
    I will not be watching any of the "games" I am not into it at all

    I do agree that we are a great country and can't understand whey so many choose to holiday O/S when they haven't traveled at all in our own wonderful country --
    28th Sep 2012
    i can sort of understand why they do that as i do that BUT I travelled around australia with my parents as a young girl and saw so much and want to get the overseas travel out of the way while i can do it (now i'm much older) before the body fails me.. I find it much easier to get around australia even with a little bit of disability than i do getting on lots of planes and sorting out luggage and hotels etc... soon i'll be a grey nomad and see all the wonderful places that this awesome country has for me to see but in my own car and caravan.. Then i'll be cursed for driving too slow or taking too long to do anything but at least in australia i'll get some understanding from fellow aussies of those issues... :-) Well I hope I do anyway.... LOL
    normie 39
    28th Sep 2012
    How did we get from Grand Final Fever to travelling around Australia???

    Normie 39
    29th Sep 2012
    football is a stupid game. I believe its just another excuse to bully ppl round a big field.\
    NOw soccer is a skill.
    you can't compare the two.
    dislike football all together not worth a crumpet.
    29th Sep 2012
    Yes I have always said the numbers on their back is their IQ ; )

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