Prepay your funeral online, in five minutes, for under $3000

Two guys who look like they could probably be your local baristas, could be your next funeral directors.

While some funeral directors can treat their profession with the same unnecessary pretentiousness as many baristas treat coffee (you know, the ones who think they’re saving the world with each extraction?), the team at Bare are more like the baristas who love a chat with a smile, and they serve a simple product that won’t cost a fortune (unlike some coffees).

We’re talking about Sam McConkey and Cale Donovan, Bare co-founders, whose team offers a new alternative to traditional and expensive funerals for people who don’t want the pomp and circumstance when it comes to your final farewell.

Planning a funeral comes at a heavy cost – not just emotionally, but financially, too. The average Australian funeral costs around $7500, but they can easily be upwards of $10,000.

And while there are some who like the fancy coffins, string quartets and luxe service, Bare focuses on helping those who don’t care for the frills and filling a niche in an industry putting Aussies in unnecessary financial hardship.

Sam and Cale are lifelong mates aged in their 30s who saw, from personal experience, a need for an alternative to expensive and impersonal funerals.

“Studies have actually found the majority of Australians don’t want an expensive or traditional funeral, but the industry is not really set up to provide a good alternative. That’s why we started Bare – to offer a simple, low-cost and non-traditional alternative to ‘big funerals,” says Sam.

“The pandemic has forced us to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to planning a funeral. It’s shifted the thinking from ‘what’s been done for 100 years’ to ‘what would my loved one actually want’ – and in many cases that’s not an expensive, traditional funeral.”

Bare offers families a simple, transparent and affordable way for to arrange a fitting farewell – whether that’s an intimate chapel service, an outdoors scattering ceremony, or nothing at all.

There’s also an online arrangement experience that makes preplanning a simple funeral easier than ordering a pizza. Not only is this affordable and convenient, but it also takes just a little bit of stress out of the ageing process.

Although Bare leads with marketing lines such as “Lived like a tight-arse? Die like a tight-arse. Prepay your funeral online, in under five minutes, for under $3000,” the group treats customers with the utmost respect and aims to ensure you get the funeral you want, not the one the funeral director wants to sell to you.

And it seems its service is resonating with appreciative Australians. Myriad five-star reviews and a swag of award nominations are evidence that Bare is reinvigorating a ‘tired’ industry, with services such as:

Simple, unattended cremation: Funeral trends are changing. These days, Australians don’t want the cost, or the fuss, of a traditional funeral. Separating the cremation from the ceremony means families can think outside the box to plan a send-off that truly reflects the way their person lived their life. That could mean an intimate chapel service, an outdoors scattering ceremony, beers at the local pub, or nothing at all.

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Personalised memorials: Don’t want to do it alone? Let Bare pair you with one of their dedicated funeral celebrants to help plan and conduct a personalised memorial that pays tribute to a unique life. No chapels, dark suits or boring rituals if that’s not what feels right.

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Prepaid funerals: Families are often unprepared when a loved one dies, and it’s hard to know what to do. Bare’s prepaid funeral service means Aussies who want to take the future financial and emotional stress off their family can plan ahead for their own simple farewell. It also means you have a say in the send-off you want. Get that out of the way and spend your leftover time and money living!

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Bare is giving a major shake-up to an industry stuck in its ways.

“Worried about who’s going to pay for your funeral when you kick the bucket?” says Sam. “Avoid leaving your send-off to your family by prepaying with Bare and go your own way.”

Find out how Bare can help you book and prepay your funeral online, in under five minutes, for under $3000.

What type of funeral do you want? What do you think of Bare’s offerings? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section below?

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