Leaving a legacy

Your wishes – what would you like to happen?

In the event of your death, how would you wish to be remembered? Are your loved ones aware of your specific preferences for your funeral? 

While these questions may not be top of mind, providing answers and direction to those who’ll be making the arrangements can help to avoid potential conflict and stress after you’ve left this world. 

So, take some time to think about what matters to you. Below is a list of questions to help prompt you to leave instructions – verbal or written – about your wishes.

- After your death, who is person responsible for your legal and financial matters? And is this person also the executor of your will?
- Where is your will located?
- Are there any specific personal items – such as recipes, clothing and art – that you wish to pass on to certain people?
- Is your family aware of whether you wish to be an organ donor?
- Which funeral director do you wish to use?
- Do you want a religious ceremony?
- Where do you want the funeral to be held?
- Would you rather be buried or cremated? And where do you wish to be buried, or have your ashes memorialised or scattered?
- What type of casket would you prefer?
- Whom do you want to lead the service – a celebrant, priest, family member or friend?
- Do you want anyone in particular to deliver a eulogy?
- Do you wish to name your pallbearers?
- Would you prefer that people donate to a charity instead of  having flowers at the funeral?
- Which songs do you wish to have played at your service? Or would you prefer live music?
- What special things can be done to add a personal touch to your ceremony – such as a specific funeral procession route and any items to be placed in your casket?

Armed with answers to these questions, your loved ones can feel as if they did everything possible to give you the final ‘hoorah’ that you wished. At a time that’s emotionally raw, this can also bring them some comfort.

Should your ashes be scattered?

Albany Creek memorial park at sunset

Should your ashes be scattered?

Is scattering your ashes really what is best for the loved ones you leave behind?

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