How to become a tree after you die

The Bios Urn is fully biodegradable and will transform your ashes into a tree.

We come from the earth, so it seems only natural to eventually return to it.

As an alternative to the traditional coffin burial, the designers at Estudimoline in Spain have developed the Bios Urn – a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after life.

Developed as a way to turn death into a transformation of new life, the urn is filled with a tree seed and the ashes of the deceased. Due to the clever design, the seed is kept separately from the ashes, and grows in the upper compartment until the urn begins to degrade. Eventually, all the parts become the sub-soil and fertiliser for the tree.

The Bios Urn is an innovative solution to the problem of cemetery overpopulation, and practice of digging old graves to bury new ones, which is becoming increasingly common in Europe.

It is also a way to continue doing something good for the environment after you die, ensuring a cleaner and greener future by becoming your favourite kind of tree.

Their tagline for the urn is; Let's convert cemeteries into forests.

The designers recommend planting the Bios Urn amongst other vegetation, such as in forests, and considering when the best time of year to plant it iss.

Read more at Bios Urn


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    25th Mar 2015
    Nice idea. However you can just as easily put the ashes in the hole where you plant a tree. With ashes you're not limited to a cemetery.
    11th Sep 2019
    Are you kidding? This is either a paid article or poorly researched.

    If you research the composition of human ash you will find it contains around 1 cup of sodium (salt) it is very toxic to soil health. Putting ashes into a biodegradable container is the worst thing could do to a healthy eco system. Yes the urn biodegrades but the ashes still contain highly concentrated salt levels. Nature is beautiful because the eco system is healthy, the worst thing you could do is put high levels of salt into soil with a tree. Please take the time to research false claims around turning ashes into trees and if you are going to put ashes in nature either put them in the ocean which is salty or scatter them far and wide so you reduce the impact. Sorry to be the party pooper the idea is good but the false claims are horrendous and vastly unsubstantiated.

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