Should your ashes be scattered?

In our recent survey, Your Final Farewell, 53 per cent of respondents would like to have their ashes scattered but is this really the best course of action for the loved ones you leave behind?

Having your ashes scattered in a location that means a lot to you or holds special memories may seem logical when you’re making your final wishes known. However, when requesting this, few people actually consider the impact of this on family and friends. And, if it’s a public place, such as a park, it may be earmarked for future development. Where then do your loved ones go to mark your memory?

The importance of memorialisation is often overlooked, especially when a cremation occurs. Yet memorials are a means for loved ones who are left behind to put thoughts and feelings into a more tangible form. As well as helping with the grieving process, it also serves as a marker for future generations who may wish to trace their ancestry or simply visit the resting place of a family member.

Despite the obvious benefits of a memorial, 52 per cent of respondents had not considered the need to have one and just as many – 53 per cent – didn’t know which other options were available.

Cemeteries and memorial parks are an obvious choice and are no longer the intimidating and stuffy places they once were. The modern memorial park offers a range of options, such as a plaque on a memorial wall, a tree in a garden of remembrance, a memorial rock in a bush setting, burial of the urn or even a memorial bench overlooking beautiful landscapes.

For others, an online memorial, offered by sites such as HeavenAddress, is a simple, convenient, yet touching way for family scattered across the globe to share their thoughts and memories.

If you are interested in finding out more about memorials and which options might be right for you and your family, visit Here you will find information on a range of beautiful memorial parks and gardens across Queensland and New South Wales. Alternatively, contact your local memorial park for more information.

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