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Meeting your individual needs when it’s need most.

Funeral directors providing funeral services

When it comes to funerals, not all services are the same and neither are all teams of funeral services providers, but as most of us only consider funerals when one is actually needed, or when we are taking care of our plans in advance as part of preparation for retirement, it’s good to know what to look for.

You will want to choose a team that understands that there is a variety of different ways a funeral can be conducted.

If you follow the traditions of a particular faith or culture, then ensuring that the requirements of these traditions are followed will be important to you. If you are looking to make the funeral a tribute to what made your loved one unique, then consider a funeral team that are experts in tailoring a funeral to individual needs. Of course, there is also the opportunity to consider a combination of styles.

Because each funeral is important to the friends and family that attend, choose a funeral team that excels at attending to all of the small details, both in the lead up to and on the day of the service. High attention to detail in all aspects of the planning, and a high level of visible presence on the day of the funeral, will mean that you need only be there for your family and guests, rather than worrying about the elements of the service.  

White Lady Funerals has been providing funerals since 1987 and today, with more than 50 funeral homes around the country, it is Australia’s fastest growing network.

White Lady Funerals excels in providing funeral services in keeping with all of Australia’s major faiths and cultures, as well as tailoring individual services of life so that families can celebrate what their loved ones mean to them. And with White Lady Funerals having received the 2016 Gold Award in the Reader’s Digest Quality Service Awards, you can rest assured that its care, professionalism, and customer service will be there for you on the day.


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    Nan Norma
    5th Jun 2016
    I have attended two funerals provided by White lady funerals. I would never recommend them. I found them incompetent and rude.
    5th Jun 2016
    I was wondering if to arrange just a burial, without a funeral, was possible and how much would it cost, I´m very poor and old, don’t believe that anyone would be pleased to attend a funeral of mine…my entire dear ones are already up-there.
    Miss Elizabeth
    5th Jun 2016
    I believe this company is American owned. I would prefer an Australian company.
    To Nena, yes you can have a burial without a service. Shop around for the cheapest quote.
    5th Jun 2016
    Thank you Miss Elizabeth, I will follow your advice...always is good to be informed by those who are not about money... And yes, I will shop around for Australian companies, if there is such a thing...today with this promoted free market overtaking on.
    Dave H Cairns
    5th Jun 2016
    I know some people must have a service cost around $6000 but if you want you can contact the crematorium like we did and when your love ones pass away you can get them to pick them up and they carry out what has to be done then you can collect the ashws . This cost around $1500.
    5th Jun 2016
    I´m aware some people opt for being cremated and I think it is a very practical option.
    But, I personally like the cold temperature so I don’t think I could take the heat of the crematorium LOL!

    Also I don’t believe we get the whole and real ashes from our dears...just some brushed out ashes from around there...who cares?
    5th Jun 2016
    Bloody hell we still alive .... Please people .......this supposed to be a forum to discuss issues not a business I know very well that someone is making money out of this forum about publicity for White lady funerals .... PLEASE GIVE AS A BLOODY BREAK is hard life as it is I do not believe anybody WANT TO THINK IN DYING PLEASE ..... A BREAK WITH THIS BUSINESS POSTING ......Please remove this posting ASAP

    This is my knowledge and my opinion...

    Sound like Google ... I still making small money from google when people click on adds on my site this is the same Please we ar not idiots .....
    5th Jun 2016
    One thing about White Lady they are very punctual ,my wife received a phone call from them enquiring how could they help her as I was dead in the Royal Adelaide Hospital .I saw the funny side but my wife certainly didn't, neither did the representative when I spoke to her to ensure I was still kicking.
    5th Jun 2016
    Yes, the new brainless generation...they just hit a key on their keyboard and many times the outcome is ridiculously serious. They do that in any job today. In some cases they may have a contract with some hospital and many times a brainless working there just press a key...any key looks the same!!!, such as the one that indicate...”he or she has just kicked the bucket...” come and collect the body.
    Most business are like starving wandering dogs...no moral left...
    5th Jun 2016
    Do not worry this is also a money making ad ...... we just click on there ad and someone gets pay for that so yes brainless all the way

    good business for them

    5th Jun 2016
    You are right, Aussie. They may be making a lot of business nevertheless...still they are real "s..t" part of humanity.

    6th Jun 2016
    White lady funerals are sexist and racist. Would never use them.
    They are the pinnacle of double standards in our Sex Discrikination Laws.

    6th Jun 2016
    Apart from that White lady Funerals may be our fastest growing funerals network. But that is also because Aussie women are sexist in the extreme and will support everything that is female inclusive and male exclusive.
    6th Jun 2016
    Opppppps ...what are you saying ??? women sexist ??? WHAT ABOUT YOU ????? with this comment ....... Be respectful please You are old enough to know how ....do you ????? maybe not

    Shame of you
    6th Jun 2016
    Why shame? What I have said is completely accurate, and a reflection of our current culture.

    How is my comment sexist?.
    6th Jun 2016
    Your comments ..."Aussie women are sexist in the extreme and will support everything that is female"

    Is this your opinion about a female ????? maybe you should say feminist not sexist ....probably goes better .....

    Up to you

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