What to ask a funeral director?

When a loved one dies, there are countless things to be done and decisions made. At such a distressing time, funeral directors can be of immense help – from guiding you to make important and sensitive decisions to taking responsibility for many aspects of the funeral.

To get an idea of how funeral directors can assist, here are some of the things about which you can ask them:

– making a thorough list of the types of services they can offer you
– moving your loved one from their place of death to the funeral home
– registering their death and organising any legal documents
– being able to arrange a funeral which adheres to your religious or cultural tradition
– advising you on a suitable day and time for the service
– helping you to choose a casket, and arranging one for you
– organising the funeral vehicle (hearse) and transport for close family
– preparing your loved one for viewing (such as having them embalmed and dressed)
– organising a suitable place for viewing
– choosing who to lead the service
–  suggesting ways to create a celebration
– providing referrals for grief support
– suggesting charities
– selecting and organising the flowers and music
– making catering arrangements for after the funeral service.

With your consent, the funeral director can take charge of any (or all) of these aspects and relieve you of the stress of doing it on your own.

Even though organising a funeral is an intensely overwhelming responsibility, others have done so before and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. For example, your funeral director can advise you on the appropriate length for eulogies, the most popular funeral music and how others have provided refreshments on a budget.

Here’s a comprehensive list of services which funeral directors can offer.

Written by leshka